Thursday, August 9, 2012


Life with four kids is busy and full.

Warren is into his first week of football (Jack starts next week for his first season of flag football and this is Warren's second year of tackle). The kids have meet and great at school next week. Nolan starts preschool this year too! Luke is ever the "perfect" baby and I cannot even begin to put into words how much I love that boy.

Aunt Jenny's wedding is this weekend. Little boys in tuxedos...gonna be killer! We are coming up on our 9th wedding anniversary. Wow. Almost a decade! And four perfect babies! I like to poke fun at Bryan every now and then about a fifth baby. He isn't having it at all and I'm not even sure I'm serious. But it is a guaranteed rise out of him so I keep doing it. Crazier things have happened though...

Even though life is zooming by, we still manage time alone with each boy doing things that they love, which for Jack is hands down riding his bike at the dirt track. I took him there the other day, just he and I...he calls it "Houston."

{Can you see him??}

Warren's annual trip to Alaska was perfect. He thoroughly enjoyed his visit and we redecorated his room while he was gone.

Suddenly our Summer is almost over so we are scrambling a bit to do all the things we had on our list...zoo (check), Lakeside Amusement Park (check), Waterworld (coming soon), you get the idea.

At this point I'm not even gonna pretend that I can keep up on documenting our family life here.  I'll check in when I can...   


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