Friday, February 17, 2012

One of Those Days...

Starts with a sleepless painful night. And it goes on from there...

Confirmed strep throat at OB appt (Luke is perfect!) but not before the first quick strip culture failed and your doctor gets called to an emergency delivery and you reach capacity of sitting in a tiny exam room with multiple children.

Doctor accidentally calls antibiotic prescription into wrong pharamacy, giving you 20 "bonus" minutes at Target with three wild boys on an in-service day from school.

Tearful conversation at the dining table over manners/fighting and Mama being sick.

Discovering someone wrote pen on the leather couch.

Feeling overwhelmed by laundry.

TV on so long it is heating the living room.

Eating oreos and popcicles for lunch.

Feeling resentful that hubby used all the hot water this morning, leaving you a cold shower you can't seem to recover from... even though you know he has a cold too and has a big day at work today.

No patience for typical little boy behavior.

Wishing the day away.

Thankful for unconditional love and forgiving hearts from your kids.

Knowing it is only noon and you have a trip to pack for and that everyone has those kind of days, so why should you be immune?
The Amoxicillin will work quickly
We will be on the road to a relaxing fun weekend trip soon
Laundry will always be there
A spree of tv and junk food isn't the end of the world
Tomorrow is a new day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

This is the Shutterfly card I mailed out and gave to teachers etc:

I absolutely love Shutterfly!  Sent these out to about 25 people for less than $10.  They have so many great designs it is always a struggle to choose just one!
Finally got a double boiler to melt Ghirardelli chocolate chips for dipping strawberries for Jack's class party. Yum! I see a lot of melted chocolate in my future.

I got flowers, tickets to see The Fray at red rocks soon, and love notes from my boys. What more could a Mama ask for?!

We don't normally make a big fuss out of Valentine's Day, but the boys love getting all dressed up for their parties at school and they just beam when they bring home their handmade Valentine's for Mom, so that is pretty contagious!

We've been...

...playing with baby Luke via Mama's belly button.  Also trying to nurse a lot lately, but that's a whole 'nother topic.  Oh Nolan, such a boob man!  I predict some jealously when Luke gets here and starts nursing.

...eating LOTS of berries and whipped cream.

...attending more than our share of fun birthday parties at cool venues.

...blowing bubbles in the living room of course!

...dressing up as Captain America every morning.

...eating SO much fruit that we have to go to the store sometimes three times per week to keep stocked.

...READING!!  Jack is reading at around 1st grade level and loves to make a "project" after he reads a new book.  Love half day kindergarten :)

...Writing our last name (phonetically) on all school work now.

...loving Mo Willems books in the library while Mama stuffs the Friday folders at school each week.

...finding treasures at our thrift store.  Nolan loves his new piggy bank toy so much!

...attending so many activities like this Valentine's Day puppet show at our local library.  What a gem of a community library we have!  We have been to a SpaceTime thing, a wild safari thing where the kids got to see an chinchilla and pig and lots of other animals.  Next month is a Chemistry thing that we won't be missing!

...thinking we're way cooler than we are drinker root beer from a coozy like Daddy. busy as usual.  Life is full and good!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Uh Oh!

I actually had “the thought” mortal girl/woman could ever be good enough for sweet, smart, handsome, tall drink of water wonder boy. Uh oh! And he’s only 7. Lord help me, I sense a bumpy ride letting these guys grow up.

Today Warren is going on his first non-mommy chaperoned school field trip. All dressed up to ride a bus, see a play, and probably ask for the car keys soon. Sniff, sniff. Image 4993 actually makes me weepy, what is wrong with me?! I swear I am going to be a super cool MIL that any DIL will be lucky to long as she’s good enough.

In reality, I know when the time actually comes I'll just be relieved someone finds them each fit to take on, considering their personal hygiene, moodiness, and hyperactivity!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's always a bit iffy when I hand my big camera off to a passer-by, but this nice lady did a pretty good job! Here we all are in one frame at our local rec center getting ready to go sledding. We have always loved our rec center but now we love it just a tiny bit more.

Nolan loved sledding and pretending it was "so scary, mom!" and then asking to go again and again.

The boys had happy determined looks on their faces as they trudged back up the hill. 

Even Mama went down a few times, encouraged by the fact that my coat still zips over my belly.

Couldn't resist a taste of freshly fallen snow!

I seriously love this picture!  I totally remember this feeling from childhood :)

The boys even had a neighbor friend meet up with us.  So fun!

I couldn't love my guys any more...

They make my heart swell and make me so proud.

Awww, feel the love! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just Sharin'...

Flying pigtails...the essence of little girl.

Blue eyes and shy smiles.

Playful and cute.

Tricycle time!

His name is Luke too!  Oh how I love him!

Playing at our park out front.

Two babies in the swing :)

All three siblings!

And finally one of baby girl all by herself.

Love my Mama friends, and their super cute kids!


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