Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Time

Spring is definitely in full force.

The belly is blooming at 24 weeks.  My belly button hurts.
Luke loves playing in his Bilbo toy.
My Lilac is blooming!
I'm loving bright colors and long wavy hair :)
Luke is loving all the time spent at baseball fields. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This was all yesterday.

Well, last night was the first night we truly had to divide and conquer the Little League schedule. Jack and Nolan both had games at the exact same time at different places. Here I am on the way to Jack's game with Warren and Luke. Bryan of course went to Nolan's game since he is coaching him.

Couple of coin nerds, up until way past bedtime going through Bryan's old coin collection and getting back into state quarter boards new and old. 

These two.  Words can't even capture their bond haha... 

This guy is pretty special too, serving as my alarm clock every day.  Can't find his snooze button yet.

And now today I went to get Rock Pile tickets to the Rockies game since the boys have an early release day from school, but they were sold out. So we will just go get Spiderman icecream from Baskin Robins and watch the game at home. Then Warren has a baseball game tonight! Oy...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Newly Minted

We were going to go to a cool park playground and kill some time before lunch and our scheduled Denver Mint tour. But then the boys stumbled upon this beach volleyball court and happily played for 2 hours. Sand, sunshine, snacks and sticks. It was a good time.
Then we headed to a Pho restaurant for lunch. Yummy!
And then finally off to the tour downtown. This pictures makes me go "whoa!" Totally never imagined in a million years I'd be this lucky.
Warren scored a couple silver dollar baseball hall of fame coins and a board to start the state park quarter collection. He officially has the coin collection bug like his Dad!

Easter 2014

Our Easter weekend happened to coincide with a 4 day weekend with the boys not having school Friday or Monday. Not gonna lie, those kind of weekends sometimes make me nervous. It's a lot of together-ness especially with a notoriously sugar-filled holiday in the mix and Opening Day of Little League. 
Friday looked a lot like this:
No really, Warren played snap circuits the ENTIRE day. Bryan got in on the action too and they were all a buzz about diodes and capacitors and building some pretty nifty circuits. 
 I baked some banana blueberry buttermilk bread on Saturday after Opening Day to have for Easter morning before our bigger brunch meal at Le Peep (my favorite!)
And then finally we got down to the last minute business of dying some eggs and decorating them. They each made a bunny, and then Warren made the frog, Jack made the turtle, and Nolan made the chick. They were the cutest Easter Eggs ever if I do say so myself.
And then lastly, the day ended like this:
4 little boys in pajamas playing with sidewalk chalk until the sun went down.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Opening Day

It's not often I would describe anything that goes on in my life with 4 boys as picturesque, but our Little League Opening Day 2014 truly was just that.

The kids (and adults) loved being introduced by their chosen and in some cases silly "baseball nicknames" (I had Nolan "Longball" Lawson, Jack "be nimble" Lawson, and Warren "the striker" Lawson).  Nolan's team loved putting on eye black and running through the human tunnel we made for them at the end of their season opener game.  Nolan played catcher in the first inning and seeing him in catcher gear was a trip.  Bryan didn't even give him any direction!  He knew just where to go and how to pose...until he got tired and sat Indian Style :)   He also winked at me and game me thumbs up several times.  Love my Nolan!

Jack had an awesome game too.  He got a hit at each time up to bat and even got an out while playing third base!  So exciting.  Luke happily napped in the car and Warren played with his Minor League buddies the whole day.  We got there at 7:30 in the morning (after only waking up at 7, oops!) and didn't even leave until almost 2.  So, it was a a long day but it went perfectly. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

He tasted them all.

Easter cookie disappointment. Sorry, Luke, they all taste the same. Shape and sprinkle color don't actually matter.
Love the crossed arms and pout going on here.  I feel ya buddy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We've Been...

At the Denver Auto Show, driving Jeeps of course...
thoroughly enjoying "Come Play With Me" Day at preschool (tell me he doesn't look like Dr. Evil)...

Growing stuff!  Blueberries, strawberries and cherry tomatoes are in...

And growing the baby belly too! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bring a Friend to Burrito Day

First things first.  The other day, Bryan said that I haven't taken any pictures of Luke in the here you go.  Let it be known that all 4 boys bathed in my tub on this night and the next day it took me several seconds to comprehend how there was actual mud in my bathtub...presumably left over from their bath.  Ewww.
We had the big midway ultrasound for our daughter on Monday.  I bought her this bracelet before the appointment for good luck (and because it is ridiculously adorable.)
Here she is, Miss Story Adelaine at 21 weeks.  She was all curled up facing back most of the ultrasound, so we didn't get any really amazing or great shots, but did manage this profile shot.  And we double and triple checked her "girlness."  All girl and perfectly healthy.  Just gotta grow big and strong between now and August!!

Luke brought his buddy to eat a breakfast burrito this morning in the cafeteria.  Yep, Luke is wearing a batting helmet and spilled his chocolate milk too.  Typical Burrito Day!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I make it look easy **updated**

Can you tell which boy stayed home with Mommy and didn't go see the new Captain America movie this evening??
Don't worry, he is none the worse for having stayed home and played trains instead.  I got the boys t-shirts for the movie today and a candy each.  They were stoked and it made the outing a special occasion for them.  So easy to please most of the time!
And I do just love these kinds of little boys lined up in birth order case you couldn't tell.
Can't wait to hear all about the movie from these rascals. 

Turns out Nolan promptly fell asleep at the beginning of the movie...but don't tell him that.  In fact, if you were to ask him how the movie was he will say "I didn't fall asleep.  It was AWESOME!"  Ha!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Aves Game Fun!

These three goons.  At a Colorado Avalanche hockey game!
Bryan got tickets through his work, what a treat!!
It's a nice quiet evening here.  We have the game on tv, Nolan crashed out for a couch nap, and we are enjoying a relaxing evening before a big exciting day tomorrow including the big ultrasound for little sister!


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