Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little by little

Each day for the past few days, Warren and I have been working on learning to tie shoe laces using this great little toy I got him for Christmas. We started very slowly and stop each day when he reaches that insurmountable level of frustration. We are at step 4 now out of 6, so soon enough he will be able to get sneakers with laces like a real big boy!

Right now he has shoes that slip on, which are great but do occasionally come flying off when he is running or playing on the playground. It has been fun and rewarding to teach him this little task and to see the wheels turning in his head.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm showing! Right!?!

Yeah! I have reached the point where it is obvious that I am expecting (I think), which makes me oh so happy. And, I am starting to feel a little better. The first trimester is almost over and I am starting to have a little more energy. Look, I am dressed and ready to take the boys to the library and run some errands...ah I love the second trimester :) Almost as much as I love my Bella Band!

Um, as for my prenatal appointment that was supposed to be yesterday, yeah, I totally spaced it out and had to reschedule for Feb. 9th. I know, I am brilliant ;)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eating Habits

While I realize I am far from a perfect parent, as much as I might try, there are a few things that I know for certain that we have done an exception job with - and the boys' eating habits is one of them.

We are constantly introducing new foods and preparations to them (recently sushi!) and they will always try it and usually proclaim "this is good!" It definitely helps that Warren has always been such a great eater and sets such a good example for Jack to see him being cooperative.

Like last night, for example, I gave them corn on the cob (trying to give them more fresh veggies as opposed to canned/frozen) and Jack was initially hesitant to try it -- until he saw Warren plowing into it "eating it like a dinosaur" and then he was sold and happily dug in.

So, yeah, I may not be the world's best disciplinarian but why focus on the negative, right? I am happy that my boys have excellent eating and sleeping habits, are both perfectly potty trained, and have healthy self-esteems :) Ah, it feels good to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Lawson Clan

Nothing really remarkable to say, just going through some pictures from this past Summer at a wedding we went to and came across a rarity - a picture of the entire family together in one shot. Not that we can all look at the camera at the same time though, Warren ;)

I have another prenatal appointment tomorrow and will be having the first ultrasound, hooray! I am such a dork, I actually googled 13 week ultrasound gender prediction just to see if there is any chance of being able to detect the gender doesn't seem promising!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Music to my Ears (mostly)

A little scene from my house this morning:

Jack: "Mommy, I have to go poop!"

Me: "Oh great! Let's get your little toilet seat on and sit you down."

Jack: "And I need a car to bring with me too."

Ten minutes later he is still sitting on the toilet making car noises and I am in the living room (he requests privacy most of the time).

Me: "How's everything coming along in there, Jack?"

Warren: "Jack is still pooping, mom, and I am just taking pictures of him."

Me: "Taking pictures? With what?"

Warren: "Your camera."

Jack: "I'm done! Warren, take a picture of it in the toilet!"

Me: Rushing to the bathroom to rescue my camera from taking an impending swim in murky water "That will not be necessary!"

Oh, Boys! What am I gonna with you, other than feed you insane amounts of chocolate for desert and then take pictures because you are so cute?

**sorry for the poor transition from poopy talk to chocolate, but that's just my reality folks!**

Thursday, January 22, 2009

He's a growin'!

Yeah, Jack! He has finally spurted on the growth chart! Up to 75% on the height at 37'' tall and 50% on weight with 29 lb! A little history might be required here to understand my enthusiasm. Jack has been somewhat of a runt toddler and I mean that in the most affectionate way possible. At 1 yo he was actually tested for some sort of dwarfism or growth problem since he was so small and underweight. It was devestating because I felt terrible guilt like I hadn't fed him well enough or something. Logically I knew that wasn't the case, as he often ate more than his older brother but it was still a terrible wait for the results to come back.

So, turns out he is not a dwarf and was just kind of on his own growth schedule, which involved a recent growth spurt of over 6'', hooray!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ah Hah!

Okay, I might be a little late on the learning curve on this one, but just the other night at dinner I had a major "ah hah!" moment with the boys as we sat down to eat our spaghetti and meatball supper.

I have been really working with them on their table manners (i.e. not climbing out of their chairs, not crawling on the table, using their utensils for EATING with, etc). And I have tried everything to get a desirable result; setting an example, barking orders such as "sit in your chair!", bribery with yummy deserts, you get the picture.

Then suddenly tonight I had the idea that my mood and tone may be more effective and pursuasive than all of the above tactics. So, I went out of my comfort zone and natural instinct and when they started their wild animal behavior I just starting to sing "On top of spaghetti" and suddenly I had a captive and obedient audience. I even had them improvising lyrics and chowing down on the spaghetti. Just another tool in my momma toolbox!

On Top of Spaghetti:
On top of spaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball,
When somebody sneezed.

It rolled off the table,
And on to the floor,
And then my poor meatball,
Rolled out of the door.

It rolled in the garden,
And under a bush,
And then my poor meatball,
Was nothing but mush.

The mush was as tasty
As tasty could be,
And then the next summer,
It grew into a tree.

The tree was all covered,
All covered with moss,
And on it grew meatballs,
And tomato sauce.

So if you eat spaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
Hold on to your meatball,
Whenever you sneeze.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Having boys means...

...hearing things like "put that gun down and brush your teeth," "hold your penis down so you don't pee on the wall," and "sure go ahead and eat your apple like a grizzly bear" coming out of your own mouth on a regular basis.

...having scenes like this in your living room on a typical Friday night - you know, that night you used to do things like going downtown or seeing a movie that's not rated PG:

...conversing with other moms at preschool about how your boys' obsession with Star Wars is maybe paternally genetic and actually feeling better knowing you're not the only one with 6 light-sabers (or savers or favors or whatever) at your house.

...acknowledging that there are more germs on the sleeve of your son's shirt than you ever thought you would have in your entire house, you know, back when you were a perfect mom before you actually had any kids.

...your heart swells when you see the look of pure love and adoration in their eyes that little boys strictly reserve for their mommas :)

...knowing you have two fans for life who somehow manage to see all of your good qualities even when you are unshowered, tired and impatient!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Wow, already Friday again. What a week. Bryan was out of town the first part of the week and I was definitely more than ready for him to be home come Wednesday, I made a point to go get my hair done Wednesday evening just to escape for a few hours. I cut a few inches off my hair and it feels so much better since it is just so dang dry here in Colorado, especially in the winter.

I had the first prenatal appointment of this pregnancy on Thursday. Bryan and Jack came along (Warren was at preschool) because I thought we would be getting the first ulrasound. Turns out it was a very boring appointment since they will be doing the first ultrasound in two weeks as part of the newest genetic screening. So, I was poked and prodded but did not actually see or hear the baby yet. Not even a firm due date yet since that will come with the ultrasound but I am due approximately the beginning of August.

Jack had his 3 yo checkup and physical this morning, or so I thought. Turns out pregnant brain struck again and his appointment was actually on Wednesday instead of Friday so I had to reschedule for next Wednesday (not Friday!)

Not too much else to report except that I am hopeful that the papaya extract and unisom that the doctor told me to try will help with the nausea. I love my doctor, he is very matter of fact and scientific, not all mushy and overly personal. I remember once when I was pregnant with Jack I asked him how bad it was that I do sometimes wake up sleeping on my back even though I try to sleep on my left side, which is best for the baby. He replied with "hey, if it was such a big deal, you would grow a horn out of your back when you are pregnant." Love it.

We are probably going to take the boys to the stock show this weekend since they love animals and the weather has actually been kind of nice the past couple days.

That's all for now. I have a little interview thing this afternoon, it is nothing remarkable but I am open to a opportunity to go back to work if the right thing comes along.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm becoming one of them...

...I am becoming one of those sappy people who notice sunsets and even step outside to snap a picture in the 100 mph wind.

Whew, now that I have confessed:

We have been having these amazing sunsets where the sky is bright pink and orange, even rivals my header picture for the blog. I am not Mrs. Arsty photographer or anything so this picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. I called the boys to come see it tonight and Warren proclaimed "it's pink, it's a girl sunset!"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bac-ey

Mmmmm...I love to start off the weekend with a great big breakfast! Of course it would be nice if the boys would actually sleep in on Saturday mornings but I can't complain - Jack did help out and feed Reagan ;)

There is nothing better than a full tummy and an empty agenda!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, I survived the first week of our new schedule with Warren at his new school. He just goes for a few hours in the morning so I am still kind of adjusting to taking and picking him up in such a short time span. He is such an adaptive kid though and is already quite at home in his new class with all his new friends.

Both boys have not taken a nap a single time this week. I knew this day was coming soon for Warren but Jack is just trying to keep up with his big brother and actually fell asleep on the floor on Wednesday evening. I will have to work with Jack next week on getting him back on the the nap routine even if Warren doesn't go down.

Jack is getting back on potty training track! He took a wrong turn for a couple weeks after we told them about the baby. Hopefully he continues and is completely self-sufficient in the next couple months. Lots of praise and motivation seem to be helping.

Going to the dentist and laying horizontal for an hour reading glossy gossip magazines this morning was like going to the spa for this momma ;) Seriously, I was getting little splashes from the ultrasonic and joked with the hygienist that it was as close as I'm likely to get to any kind of spa treatment anytime soon!

I have been incredibly sick feeling, not gonna lie. Pretty much my whole afternoons are plagued with nausea and fatigue like I have never known. I mention this not to complain because I will gladly take this on to have our baby, but more so just to record it so I can look back after the baby is born and laugh at myself. I just know that when I read this months from now I will be thinking "what a whiner!"

Bryan is traveling for work next week so it is going to be a bit hectic and tiring. But now that I have been staying at home for a few months I am settled into the role now and don't feel like each day has to be full of meaningful outings or educational moments. We can just "be" and enjoy each other and our home. So, it is more relaxing these days.

Oh, the timer just went off for lunch so that's it! That was my week in a nutshell!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

not-so-new-year's resolutions

These are not New Year's Resolutions, but rather a couple of things I would like to implement this year and if they stick, then great.

~I am going to try a new approach to my housework. In addition to the regular maintenance type cleaning that is required each day (mainly keeping the kitchen and dining room sanitary) I am going to thoroughly clean just one room a day. And by thoroughly clean, I mean dust, windex, wash linens and pillows, vacuum, declutter, etc. My current mode has me feeling like I clean a lot of square footage per day but never really have a totally clean, "done" room in the house to point at.

I am thinking that this new approach will leave me feeling a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with my efforts each day in the housekeeping department. That is unless a couple of rugrats wreak havoc on the pristine room of the day before the sun even sets on that room...hmmm, I may have just found the flaw in this new plan. We'll see...

~The only other new thing I am going to try is pretty small and admittedly vain. I am going to start applying sunscreen to my neck and chest since I am already a vigorous sunscreen user and I don't want to avoid sun damage on my face only to have lots of wrinkles and freckles everywhere else.

There you have it! Nothing earth-shattering, but I like to have attainable goals and not overwhelm myself or set myself up for failure.

Today's room of choice is the boys' bathroom...Duh duh dun! It is pretty bad at the moment, but being that it is a small space I am going to go ahead and clean the guest bedroom too, since that requires just dusting and washing the linens on the bed. The entire house really needs vacuumed too (when doesn't it) but I am going to find a way to bribe Hubby into that one hopefully this evening :)

There it is, all sparkly clean. I am liking this so far! I need to paint the walls in their bathroom and seeing it so clean has inspired me to make a color selection.

Jack Dylan at 3 yrs

Our current baby is momma's boy and little dolly to dress up:

Jack's five favorite things:
First and foremost is his "animal blanket" that he caries around like Linus from Peanuts, now we can get to the actual list!
1. Lightning McQueen and the Cars movie. He literally has the entire movie memorized and will act out parts of the movie with his car figures and sings the "Real Gone" song out loud all day.
2. Quoting movies - such a guy! Jack is ALWAYS saying "hey mommy, you know what that guy from _____ movie said?" And I have to say "no, what did he say, Jack." And then the movie quote ensues. I don't anticipate him outgrowing this, um ever!
3. Macaroni and Cheese with a twist...he loves me to add mixed vegetables with it. Go Lima beans and carrots, Green beans and peas! Recently we found the Cars noodles and that has been a huge hit - he asks for it for breakfast and can eat an entire bowl in "lightning speed." :)
4. Monster trucks. If he's not watching/playing Cars, then he is busy with Monster trucks. I am keeping my eyes out for a monster truck rally show in Denver to take him to.
5. Music. Jack is very into music and has many "favorite" songs on the radio and from his Disney movies. He has a bucket of instruments that he likes to play with as well.

Main personality traits:
*Sweet. He is SUCH a sweet boy and tells both mom and dad "I love you" multiple times per day. Dare I say that Jack knows he is cute and certainly plays into that with his big blue eyes and mile-long eyelashes. He is a charmer...
*Particular. He likes his toys to be just so and has always been a little bit finicky about his food, bed and general surroundings. He has a dash of stubbornness in him for sure!
*Observant. He is a bit more of a watcher than a doer...that is except when it comes to daredevil tricks like jumping down the stairs and going on water slides. I think he has a slight penchant for adrenalin :)
*Talkative. This kid is verbose. He is ALWAYS talking and is very verbally advanced for his age. Whether he is quoting movies or singing songs, he is constantly saying something!
*Focused. When he is doing something he is generally very intense about it. Lips are pursed and he is not to be disturbed. He has a very impressive attention span for a three year old, which I think will suit him well in life.

Jack is an equally special little boy and relishes somewhat in his role as the baby of the family for now. We often say that he should be an actor because of his looks and charm and love of being in front of the camera.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Warren Nicholas at 4.5 yrs

I want to take a few minutes to jot down all of the characteristics and personality traits I can think of for each boy so years from now I can look back on these posts and remember my boys when they were preschool aged and still so innocent. It may prove therapeutic when they are teenagers too! :)

The first-born is first:

Warren's five favorite things:
1. Star Wars (toys, movies, books, pajamas, games...the list goes on.)
2. Brain Quest flashcards - he is doing the 5-6 aged ones now that I got him for Christmas.
3. Seafood - he eats ANYTHING from the ocean and I am so proud of him for being SUCH an incredibly good eater. His favorite is Alaskan King Crab legs and Pacific Salmon.
4. His thumb - this kid has been sucking his thumb since he was in the womb, seriously. He has gotten much better recently about not sucking it except for when he goes to sleep. The new dentist says as long as he quits before permanent teeth come in, he'll be okay.

5. School - Warren loves to go to school and he is a very social kid. I have great hopes and expectations for him academically and will do my best to make sure he lives up to his full potential in school.

Main personality traits:
*Affectionate. He LOVES to snuggle with mom or day and has even told me more than once that if I don't give him a big hug and kiss at bedtime then he can't sleep. I will be so sad if/when he outgrows this quality or becomes too cool to lay his head on my shoulder and wrap his arms around me.
*Outgoing. He is the one on the playground introducing himself to everyone and organizing the playtime with a game or some sort of pretend scenario. Other kids are drawn to him to be his friend, both boys and girls :)
*Needs his sleep. This kid sleeps at least 10 hours per night and still takes a considerable nap after lunch each day. We have always said that he is either going 100 miles per hour or he is asleep, there are no other gears.
*Humorous. He is developing quite the little unique sense of humor, which is constantly amazing us and keeping us laughing.
*Compassionate. If someone is upset or sad, Warren is always the first to notice and ask what is wrong. You can tell it truly bothers him and he will be sure to give a hug and say "it's okay."

Warren is such a special boy and fills the role of our oldest child to a "T". He is responsible and kind and gravitates more and more to his daddy the older he gets. Maybe that's because they are practically twins separated by 25 years!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

You know you're still in the 1st Trimester when... wake up the morning after your husband's company Christmas party feeling totally hung over and then realize that can't be since you didn't even have a single sip of alcoholic beverage. By mid morning, you wish it was only a severe hangover that was plaguing you.

...the best you've felt in weeks was from the sodium high after eating an entire Totino's pizza (combo), that is until you turned the box over and peeked at the "nutritional" information.

...your other two kids automatically know to look for you in bed when they need something. And words like "fatigue" and "nauseous" are now part of their preschooler vocabulary.

...your three year old tells complete strangers and passers-by that he has a baby in his tummy. And he has regressed almost back to square one with his potty training because he actually says he wants to wear diapers and be a baby. re-read "A Child is Born" and marvel at the miracle of conception and the capability of the human body -- all the nuances and microscopic chemical reactions and obstacles that are overcome to produce another human being. anxiously lie in bed with your hands on your abdomen thinking about the little grape-sized life developing and long to feel the little movements that assure you everything is okay. tear up at the thought of how this is your last baby and your life-long dream of what you wanted your family to consist of will be complete when this little one is born.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So, how am I feeling so far?

Well, lets just say that if my previous two pregnancies were anything like this, I would NOT have signed up for this again. Seriously, the nausea, the extreme fatigue...I have never experienced this before. All those symptoms of pregnancy I had read about the last two times but never experienced have settled in...I am congested, things smell weird, and I generally feel like throwing up all day even though I actually haven't really thrown up a single time.

I don't want to read anything into it and say "oh, maybe this means it's a girl!" I am way more likely to believe it is just that I am older this time around and I already have two munchkins in my care and maybe just the fact that I am not at work being distracted and busy is giving me more time to actually notice it...who knows.

All I know is that I can't wait for the first trimester to bite the dust.

I have never taken any belly pics before with Warren or Jack, but I am going to brave it and take one starting now every couple of weeks. For today's I am not entirely sure on the weeks since I haven't seen the doc yet so we'll just call it 10 weeks.

10 weeks front view:

10 weeks side view:

I cannot get a descent pic in the mirror so these will have to do.


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