Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ranch boy

Jack is seriously addicted to Ranch dressing. I have even seen him dip a banana and some mandarin oranges in ranch on more than one occasion. It is hilarious to watch him eat because he just instinctually makes the dipping in ranch action no matter what he is eating (and no matter if there is even ranch on his plate!!)

I am happy to oblige as he is SO skinny and we try to sneak extra calories in him whenever possible, so ranch it up, Jack!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


...another long weekend, and here's what it looks like so far:

I made blueberry scones from scratch

And then we feasted on Alaskan King Crab legs (the boys LOVE crab!!)

And last but not least the gas fire pit is now in working order and it is AWESOME. We made smores for breakfast this morning ;)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Snacking Alfresco


Congratulations to Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska! And to all women really...

She is very well liked in Alaska and will make a great Vice President!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vintage Posts -- Installment #4

How we met...well we met in college, which is maybe not that atypical or exciting - except when you take into consideration that I was Bryan's teacher assistant (que the song hot for teacher) for a summer course in the Chemical Engineering department.

I noticed him on the first day of class and was impressed by his stature and humor right off the bat. It wasn't until the end of the Summer though that I finally flirted with him enough for him to get the clue that he should make a move. He claims he was going to anyhow, but I'm just not sure ;)

Anyhow, after establishing that he is in fact older than me despite being two years behind me in college, we were all set to go on a date! Our relationship continued to blossom that entire last year of college (I was finishing graduate school and he was in his last year of undergrad) and I even went to his home town to meet his family that fall (I've already fessed up to the hair color thing so don't act all shocked):

By the time we graduated that Spring we were already engaged and planning our wedding in August, exactly one year after our first date!

And, as they say, the rest is history!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Happenin'

Well, I had my exit interview at my current company since my last day is this Friday. It was harmless and I am just two more days away from being a "former Engineer." I am excited about the new job and role and very motivated to get started next week.

I have been going to the gym (can you believe it?). Trying for 2 days per week since that seems feasible and sustainable. I went just this morning before work, which I hope to do every Wednesday, and then I am aiming for going at least once on the weekends. I am not gonna lie and say that it just makes so much difference already and I am overflowing with extra energy, but it does feel good to know that I am doing something positive for my health and maybe getting more toned in the process.

The DNC is in full swing and I work downtown so it is a major crazy-fest, and that is all I have to say on that topic! :)

The boys are doing great. We had parent orientation at their school yesterday and got to meet their teachers and see the curriculum for this year. They were both excited to show us everything in their classrooms and all their friends -- too cute!

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, maybe just more landscaping work and I did pick out a paint color for the master bathroom that I may execute if the mood strikes. Other than that, just fun and relaxation are in order.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weapons cache

Warren has taken to sleeping with this entire arsenal of toys and weapons at the foot of his bed. It is getting ridiculous, but he insists...not sure if he is preparing for the Apocalypse or what?!

All said, it currently consists of two light sabers, three star wars ships, a small jet, a large jet, and a random plastic bullet, but that is subject to change at any moment.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Favorite beauty gadgets/finds :)

Okay this is totally shallow and self-centered panderings of some of my favorite earthly things that I have come to love and rely on over the years. Just for fun I am sharing...

The Clarisonic...this thing is AMAZING! I use it religously and I swear the pores are tighter and cleaner/skin is brighter and more even toned and I just really can't say enough about this little gem!

Old Reliable: Oil of Olay's 'Olay Complete' facial lotion with SPF 15. It is so truly non-greasy and light and I like the way it smells too. I have strayed many a time to more expensive department store brands and just keep coming back to this stuff. It is very reasonable and can be bought at the super market, so it kind of helps make up for the cost of the Clarisonic. Sunscreen is an absolute must year round here in Colorado at high altitude.

Hmmm...not sure what to call this thing. It has actually been a relatively new addition -- the cellulite scrubber, massager thing sounds good. I got it at The Body Shop and have been using it in the shower because guess what?


I have some cellulite (I am not saying where, sheesh I don't need to point out my own flaws) that cropped up after having the boys. Now, to be fare I am not sure if the results I am seeing are actually from the increased circulation etc to the cellulite that this thing claims to deliver, or if it is just a result of calories burned from using this thing for 5-7 minutes each morning, rigorously massaging in circular motions...either way I am sticking to it!

Lastly (for now) is the Fish Oil supplements I take absolutely every day. Two tablets to be exact. I started taking these as a precaution because of all the heart disease that runs in my family. And I noticed such a nice result in hair, skin and nails too, so now even though I have had my cholesterol tested and my doctor assures me I do not need to take any medication or supplements, I am hooked. I did some subsequent research and found that there are many potential benefits to the Fish Oil, including lots of prenatal ones -- just in case!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Patio-oh yeah, oh yeah!

The patio is done! It is fabulous and we love it! It is another living space only cooler and outdoors (aka totally washable) It is so rewarding to be able to enjoy this as a family. They still have to come and finish the gas fire pit by installing the "log" and such but at least we can finally go out there and run around. I think we will have breakfast outdoors today for sure!! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Jack loved Gymnastics! It was maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen to watch him bear crawling across the parallel bars and attempting somer-saults.

Warren took this picture of me and Jack getting ready to leave today:

And after gymnastics, Jack was famished and begged me to take him to taco bell and he proceeded to eat two entire chicken soft tacos and then he took a three hour nap! ;)

The nerve of some people

Dear Rude Lady at the Movies last night,

Lucky for you I am the most non-confrontational (aka wuss) in the universe. Because when my 2 year old accidentally pulled the straw out of his sprite last night at the Star Wars: Clone Wars movie after sitting there like a complete angel for 45 minutes straight and a few drops landed on your arm, your reaction was really worthy of a good brawl. To quote you "OH! This is really unacceptable, perhaps you could move!"

So, being the self-declared wuss that I am, we did just that. And then I ACTUALLY sat their feeling guilty that my 2 year old had subjected you to such an atrocity as sprite on the arm...even though it couldn't have been more than half a straw volume of sprite.

And then, you know what you big bully? This morning at the gym (yeah I go to the gym now so watch out!!) when I was doing a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical machine before my big debut at Yoga-Pilates Fusion class, the guy next to me finished up. He walked over and grabbed a spray bottle of what must be pure Pine-Sol to wipe down his machine and then *gasp* when he sprayed it it came out in a sharp spray instead of all misty and it hit my left shoulder and ran down my arm.

Did I freak out and cause a scene?

Did I jump off the machine and make him wipe if off me?

No, I conducted myself like an adult and when he apologized I accepted his apology and indicated that it was NO BIG DEAL.

So, then the entire time at class each time I did the downward dog and could smell pine-sol on my arm I was reminded of what a severe creep you were last night.

And I would have been frozen there in time feeling guilty thinking that maybe I should have held the drink for him or perhaps bring a sippy cup and transfer some drink into that for him in the future...until I was sprayed with Pine-Sol and realized, nope I am not the problem here. So, I take my apology to you back! And instead thank you for helping me to realize that I really should have asked YOU to move after your blatant over-reaction and display of rude-ness in front of my little boy, whom I am trying to shape into a descent, polite adult.

Mrs. Not Going to be a Wuss Any Longer Thanks to You

I'm a Karate mom

Here is Warren right after his first karate class. He did so well, really surprised me how well he listened and participated and really enjoyed it. Jack has Gymnastics today so we'll see how he does.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Why we have a dog

Don't worry, this cat, which we had named Truman, ran away months ago...

This picture was taken for Warren to bring to preschool to show his favorite pet. I had asked him to find the kitty while I went to grab the camera and when I entered the living room, there he was proudly displaying his favorite pet.

So, here is the second picture after I had asked him to hold truman in a different position:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pati-oh! Part II

Here is the latest fast moving patio news -- the entire patio is poured and stamped. They will be coming back tomorrow to seal it and do the finishing touches.

Yeah, then we have to actually landscape the rest of the yard.


Infiniti FX35 in Midnight Mocha.

I'm sure if I hadn't been impatient in the parking garage downtown and totally scratched the crap out of the driver's side of my Odyssey I could totally trade it in without breaking the bank...I'm sure of it...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pati-oh! Part I

Here is the patio project in its early stage right now. They overlayed the existing concrete patio and they have all the forms in for the patio that is going in at ground level. There is going to be stairs wrapping around the back portion.

The circular thing to the left is the gas fire pit!!

It still has a long way to go but atleast you can see the color of the stamped concrete and the stamp pattern we picked out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Vegas Pictures

Here are a couple more shots from our Anniversary weekend. It is so difficult to get pictures where we both have our eyes open and don't look completely cheesey...I can take a little cheesey but there is a line ;)

I am thinking of sending a couple of these out in the mail to friends and family. The five year marker is a big one so I want to celebrate it to the fullest! If I could shout it from someplace very high I would because marriage isn't always easy but I am happy to say we are working on it and making it a priority.

Public School it is!

I have recently decided that my kids will be attending public school when the time comes. Warren will stay at the current day care/school through kindergarten and then he will go to the public school that is literally 400 yards from our front door. Same scenario for Jack.

It is an adorable little elementary school and we are in a good county now for schools, so we are going to take advantage of that and put our tax dollars to good use.

This has been a big decision, as I was initially pretty set on them attending private schooling. Here were the biggest reasons I have decided on public:

1. I am a pragmatist. I don't really think my kids will be any better off for attending private schools so I just can't shell out money on that when I could save it for the ever increasing cost of college for them instead.

2. I think my kids are very smart and I have confidence that they will do well no matter where they go. Especially since they will be getting lots of encouragement and support from Bryan and I at home. I think the most important thing is just to show your kids that education is important and valuable and can be a fun process.

3. I don't want to raise little elitists and think it is better for them to be among a great variety of children so that they can learn to be adaptive and well rounded adults.

4. I am not a fan of the whole homeschooling concept for so many reasons but mostly because I think it is way better for the kids for ACADEMICS to be taught by someone other than parents. Children behave, think, and act differently around non-parents and the neutral environment free from emotional strings and preconceptions gives them greater leeway to try on different hats and explore their learning styles and just blossom. It is valuable for kids to interact with people outside of their the old addage "it takes a village to raise a child."

Planning for the Winter

I signed the boys both up for 20 week long sessions at a Little Gym by our house yesterday. Warren is doing Karate and Jack is doing Gymnastics/Tumbling because he isn't old enough for the Karate yet. They are both really excited and I think it will be a great way for them to get some energy out during this Winter. The classes go through January and I am planning to enroll them in swimming lessons at the rec center when this is done.

Then, this Summer Warren is going to do T-ball, which will be his first team sport. And then it begins...the barrage of organized activities which I will be shuttling them to. I have actually put it off for a little while but I think I will be ready by next Summer.

I am hoping the Karate inspires Warren to have a little more self-control and respect for authority. He of course is hoping to learn to be a ninja and karate chop bad guys :)

Also, I am seriously considering doing Supper Solutions. I have always wondered if it is good and cost effective so I finally looked into it a little and there is one right by the house. And the menu looks pretty good, there is even some good fish dishes on the menu. The pricing is very reasonable. I generally cook two times per week and Bryan cooks a couple times as well and then the remainder is either take-out or a low key kid friendly restaurant. So, having meals premade and planned would definitely help us out. Has anyone tried this or have anything to say on the matter?

Monday, August 18, 2008


I ordered these two orange chairs over two months ago and after a couple of back order notifications, we were finally able to pick them up yesterday.

Oh, they were definitely worth the wait and really compliment the orange living room quite well. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year at my house, so the more seating we have the better!

And I found these great little pillows too...I love the details!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

we're baaaack...

...and it feels SO good to be home! Thanks to my Aunt Shelli and Uncle Steve and Cousin Emma for taking such good care of Warren and Jack while we were away. I am sure it was quite the undertaking and we really appreciate it!

Anyhow, the boys thoroughly enjoyed helping me unpack. And these picture will provide excellent opportunity for bribery years from now :)

Also, here is what I got in Vegas! I have never been into designer purses, UNTIL I found this little darling on sale at Nordstrom's. It is the perfect size and shape and it seems really durable. I think it will hold up for a long least that is how I am rationalizing the cost!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Five mostly Fabulous Years!!

Well, we officially made if to the five year marker!

Happy Anniversary, Bryan!

Spring Break, 2003 -- Maui, Hawaii (moments after Bryan proposed)

August 16th, 2003 -- Las Vegas, Nevada (isn't he handsome?!)

Here's to five more adventurous, comical, and full of love years...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

We went back to the Chapel where we got married and took some professional pictures there. It was kind of strange to be back but also very fun to see everything and everyone that works there again. Here are a couple preview pics from the session - definitely not the best ones, but I still have to go through all 61 shots and see what we ended up with and the "high speed" wirelesss internet 29 floors up in this hotel is not that great.

We went to the Beatles show last night and words fail me to describe it. I will just say that it was absolutely amazing and worth every penny.

Also, I got the other part of my anniversay gift....ohhhh, it is something I have always secretly wanted but never admitted to. I will take a picture when we get home and blog about it then., yeah...we are going back tomorrow! I am missing the boys but also really enjoying alone time with Bryan.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All you need is love...

(card from my mom, Shannon)

...and a good anniversary gift!

Bryan already gave me what I am told is part of my anniversary gift. He took the tiffany setting from the ring he proposed with and put a beautiful pearl in it - how sweet!

Of course, I still have the original diamond, it is just now happily in this more antique looking setting that I love!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morning Snuggles

We had the best start to the day today. The boys both woke up right on time in very good moods and dressed themselves and then played nicely while I got ready. It makes such a difference in the whole tone of the day when things are nice and pleasant in the morning!

So, here we are all ready to tackle the day ahead:

(Thanks, Daddy, for taking these pictures!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Earth-shattering...

...but still big news for me. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I have been struggling with my career path. I went to college for 6 straight years and came away with two degrees in Chemical Engineering. Great! I am all set to be an Engineer! Working on exciting collaborative projects in cutting edge technology, making a real difference at my dream company and in the world for that matter.

Screeeeeech! That was the sound of the brakes of reality that ensued after actually starting to work as an Engineer over five years ago.

Enter a little place called reality, wherein I am sitting at a computer, pounding out Excel spreadsheets and barely interacting with another living soul the majority of the day. Not quite what I had in mind, BUT I can't just throw away my education background and *gasp* change careers...can I?

Oh yes, I sure can! In what might be the boldest move of my adult life thus far I have changed career paths and am now a part of The Dark Side. Not in the Star Wars sense though (sorry Warren)...I am now officially part of the sales team at a very cool company downtown.

AND I have also taken up a part time job to try my hand at something completely different just to see. Because, believe me, I am NOT claiming to have it all figured out. But I AM brave enough to try something new and see where my talents and strengths and interests truly are!

The new jobs start in a couple weeks and I will update as the journey unfolds.

OH!! And did I mention that I get valet parking!!


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