Monday, March 31, 2014

A typical Sunday

We have so many birthday parties in Spring and with so many kiddos of all ages and their friends.  So, anymore we usually have to split up.  Yesterday, Bryan took Warren and Jack to the shooting range while I took Nolan and Luke to a party.  Warren got his first bullseye with his rifle!  Super proud!!

Nolan and Luke had a blast too of course at the Little Gym.  Hadn't been there in years since I used to take Warren and Jack for regular classes there. 
Cuties circled up!

Beaming on the balance beam for Luke!!  I love his face :)

So...we're having a girl!

Crazy, huh?
The boys will have a sister.
Bryan will have a daughter.
I am buying things with scalloped edges and dizzying details that have me leaving the "girl section" of the store like a cross-eyed imposter.
She is due August 18th. 
Her name is Story Adelaine

Spring Break 2014

Today is the final day of Spring Break 2014.  Bryan is making is world famous (okay maybe only within the walls of this house famous) vanilla scones, Warren is still sleeping (of course), and I'm reflecting on what exactly happened in the whirlwind that was last week.
My little lefty up to bat practicing for his first year of T-Ball, which Bryan is coaching for his team.  Go Tigers! 

We made multiple trips to the school playground.  Nolan got a new "bus" on the preschool playground portion.  He was so excited to show us.  Nolan will be our third boy to graduate from this awesome preschool in a couple months.  We are so grateful for our preschool!

There were couch naps, using Lamby Pajamy as a pillow.

Jack and his BFF at Chuck E. Cheese for another friend's birthday party.  These two!

We toured Hammond's Candy Factory.  Mmmm free peppermint smells and even a few treats from the gift shop at the end.

We made at least two trips to the library, where Nolan channeled Elmer Fudd in his new baseball cap.

This kiddo loves to read and be read to and look at books.  Can't wait for him to put it all together in Kindergarten and take off reading on his own!

Jack's baseball team already started practicing, Warren and Nolan start this week! Jack is so classic cute and cool with a baseball glove!

We went to WOW Children's museum and played for HOURS.

Waiting at Nordstrom while Mama dropped off Nolan's new Kindergarten backpack to get monogrammed.  What you can't see is that they are looking through catalogues making colorful comments on which girls they would marry.  Amusing??

No Spring Break would be complete without a pricey trip to Jump City.  Luke always finds the "blue one."

Yep, another blue one, Luke!

My favorite picture of the whole break.  These neighbor kids! 

When we went to pick up Nolan's backpack, we totally lucked out and came across this mall buggy.  Of course we had to take it for a spin!

The final monogrammed product!  I am back on a major thrifting mode of shopping again lately.  Found this bag for only $5 and it is Pottery Barn for Kids brand and is so well made and loaded with details...including Nolan's initially now.  I had to double take and realize this was Luke modeling the bag, not Nolan.  Too bad Luke doesn't start preschool for a whole year after this school year gets out.  Sometimes he seems so ready right now! Well except that he is still nursing and isn't potty trained and isn't even 2 yet :)


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