Thursday, December 20, 2012


::Apparently Warren is already penning an autobiography.  I'll admit, I was a little nervous to see what was behind the title page::
::In case you wondered what it looks like to go Christmas shopping with 4 kids on December 18th for their Daddy::

::Luke is 7 months old.  He is perfect and I absolutely love his one syllable laugh and the way he needs me.  The hormone that tells me my baby is the best in the world is in full tilt.  But for the record he really is the best one.  Really::
::He looks like me!  I'll have to fish out some baby pictures from 1980 to prove it, but I can see it so clearly.  He looks like me! Lucky dog::

The events in CT last week are heavy on our hearts.  We can't talk about it much because Jack and Nolan are not old enough to comprehend that kind of information or sorrow, but Warren knows everything.  He wouldn't go to school on Monday, so I picked him up and emailed his principal.  Since then, Warren has been "speaking" to the school psychologist (she says he won't actually talk about it but they play games in her office and he likes to go visit her).  I can't imagine really what that information meant to an 8 year old who previously thought nothing bad could ever happen like that.  It certainly rocked his world and took some of his innocence.  But, I am so glad to have my boy with his damaged innocence in the wake of what those poor parents in CT lost.  This IS the world we live in.  Bad things do happen.  We can't live our lives in fear though.  I, like a lot of people, have my own theories on why there seems to be such an increase of these angry detached young men capable of such horrific things, but I hardly see any point in sharing.  There is enough negativity and vitriol in the world.  What we need is to focus more on good things right now, and give our boys the gift of being able to seek out and give attention to good.  Foster the good in themselves, others, and their surroundings.  So, this new "thing" is just too perfect.  We will do this at least monthly though, not yearly.  I can't wait to get the conversation going about good.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We've been...

{in no particular order}
...eating ENORMOUS bowls of cereal.
...watching Luke master his walker.  He hurls himself around the main level right over to the Christmas tree usually, when he's not chasing mommy around.  Jackpot!

...saying "ooooh" when he shows off his glitter from a wrecked ornament.

...making rice crispy treat ornaments.  Nolan says "I love these Happy Holidays, mom."

...enjoying Warren dressing up as Santa Claus and taking down everyone's lists.

...taking LONG hot soaks on Wednesdays and Sundays.  I love this picture.  Warren REALLY looks like his little baby self here, which is rare to capture anymore.

...kicking butt at homework time.  These two come home everyday and straight up get the job done.  No whining or complaining.  So proud of what hard working, smart boys they are.

...marveling at the fact that Luke's head may very already well be larger than Nolan's.

...hanging out with our "best meatball guy," Benjamin.

...teaching or neighbor buddy tricks.

...holding our own bottle!  And actually TAKING a bottle.  Luke is still nursing for >90% of his feedings, but every now and then he takes a bottle.

...enjoying a month long break from cloth diapering while we introduced solids.  Whew.  That took some getting used to, but we are now back on the bandwagon and doing good with it.

...playing our new favorite game "Count Your Peanuts."  So great and good for Nolan to get in some practice counting and learning how to role dice, move your guy, take turns, etc.

...enjoying a 3 day all inclusive trip to Cancun with Bryan's company.  Wow.  The resort was top notch and the weather was superb and my husband has the body of a God.
...I rather liked the view from my chair.

...while Bryan did his best to channel "The Dude."

...enjoying Warren's artwork on display at the Butterfly Pavilion.

...thinking he is coming along as an artist!  Although he did say "I could have done better, mom."

...pigging out at Dairy Queen with our friend, Henry, staying the night.

...decking the halls for a truly epic Christmas 2012 (note the boy in only underwear in the entry of my house.  classy.)

...looking at old pictures of Bryan on his dirt bike as a kid.  Just because ;)

It's kind of funny even for me when I do these catch-up posts.  Someone might easily conclude that we have pretty exciting go-go-go lives.  When really, I am at home folding laundry, updating our desk calendar, and wondering how it is that every surface in my kitchen is covered in goo the vast majority of the time.  Reality versus perception :) 


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