Sunday, January 24, 2010

And I had to ask him...

"Honey, did you ever imagine... ?"

"...yeah, me neither."

Our hands are full, but so are our hearts!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess Who's...

...finally arrived?!

On the growth chart, that is.

Our very own Nolan has finally made it onto "the curve" for weight, coming in at 14 lbs 6 oz at his 6 month checkup. So, he is heavier than 2% of babies out there. He is 27 inches though, which is the 55th percentile.

When I told him the big news...

He wasn't overly impressed...

He got all his 6 month vaccines too and was a complete trooper. None of the boys have ever had any reactions or problems with their shots. It's always much harder on Mama seeing them cry for those couple of minutes. Nothing a few kisses and snuggles can't help me ... I mean them ... get over though ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Also known as half a year old ... Also known as "I can't believe it!"
(Where has the time gone?)

I just don't know. But in the last month, you, my sweet boy, have spent it:
bringing your feet to your mouth

rolling over and over and over
(diaper changes are ... interesting)

scootching along the floor like a little slug

making a very high-pitched gurgling sound
(you are our little morning song-bird)

smacking your lips when you see your food

eating lots and lots of baby food. You like it all!

lunging around the living room in your walker

gumming up any toy you get your hands on

laughing that adorable little baby maniacal laugh

not sleeping through the night. It's okay, I forgive you! But you are on borrowed time now, Mister. Mama and Daddy are tired :)

melting our hearts over and over again.


You are:

so easy to make smile and laugh

in awe of your brothers

determined to move ... and soon

a good eater and a hearty nurser

such a happy baby

LOVED beyond words!
{I'm rockin' my baby 'cause babies don't keep}

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What I'm Loving Today

::Nolan in his walker::
I love to watch him lurching forward towards me or just sitting there, chewing on a weeble.

::My Chantal tea kettle that Bryan got me for Christmas::

I think we have used it every day since Christmas. And it is so pretty too.

::Windows 7 on our NEW, awesome, fast computer::

Oh and let's be honest.

My loving mood has something to do with the fact that Bryan is on his way home from a (very long) day of working at an investment property. So I am about to be a little less outnumbered by munchkins. And I am thinking of escaping to the gym for a bit. Better yet, I am planning on it!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Be forwarned. This is simply a brain dump from this week.

Warren was the "Star of the Week" in his Kindergarten class this week. So, today I got to go help him present his star and read aloud a little blurb about him in front of his class. And you know me. I got a little choked up. Not enough to be noticeable (I think), but it was hard not to get a little misty when I was talking about what an excellent big brother he is. Because he really is. He has the heart of a big brother for sure!

So, working backwards, Thursday was a great day with the boys. We read so many books and Warren did a full page of addition and subtraction. He loves math. Jack is making leaps and bounds in the schoolwork I do with him at home too. It is amazing how all of the sudden he went from making scribbles to matching up uppercase letters to their corresponding lower case letter. Okay. I am done bragging on them (for now). Sorry, but they are just so darn smart. Okay, okay I really am done. :)

After a great day at home, we went to get them haircuts on Thurs. night. Bad idea. It was already late-ish and they were bouncing off the walls of the salon. But, we stuck it out and just muscled through the experience. Then headed to dinner at a BBQ place where Bryan and I had a beer and that made everything better. Seriously. The bad haircut was just a distant memory, replaced by smeared BBQ sauce and watching Nolan suck on a french fry.

Wednesday I got to visit with my local neighborhood Mommies at our Mom's Group. Jack calls it the "girls club" with all the ladies and mostly girl kids. I know I am prone to questioning myself and my decisions but when it comes to our house and neightborhood, I could not be happier. We have such a great bunch of people with young children. It is going to be fun to watch them all grow up together!

Tuesday I had a dentist appt. Ahhhh, I do love to lay down for an hour. And that part where the hygeinist kind of checks your neck and jaw's as close to a massage as I get. And I even got to go to the gym afterwards (and I have gone three times this week!). It was practically a spa day :)

Monday was the boys' dentist appt. Pretty much the most extreme opposite of a spa day as you can get. They did fine though and no cavities! Yay!

So, here it is, Friday afternoon. We just came inside from a walk in the beautiful sunshine. The bottom of my jeans is wet from giving the boys underdogs on the swings (there is still a little snow on the ground here!) We got the box of baby books out of the garage and Warren and Jack are digging through it. Each one they pull out they exclaim "This was my favorite when I was a baby!" They all have teeth marks. Nolan has his work cut out for him making his mark on them.

Speaking of Nolan. He is 6 months old on Monday. Monday! 6 months old! Holy Moly!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Jack: "Yeah, I want a piece of quiet too, Mommy."

Warren: "Jack, it's peace and quiet, not --"

Jack: "That's what I said, Warren."

Warren: "Nooooo, you didn't!" "You said piece of quiet."

Jack: "I know, me and mommy want a piece of quiet!"
Me: "I will take either!" "Peace and quiet or a piece of quiet, okay?"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just a couple of mushrooms

Stay with me. There is an analogy somewhere in here.

After having a not so minor argument over the phone with my husband about -- of all things -- bandaides, I was stewing. Mad. Thinking of all the reasons his choice of newfangled, trendy, expensive bandaides is wrong. And disrespectful! Oh, I had a bulleted list in my head, laying it all out:

  • I hate the little white tabs you have to pull off. Really convenient when your fingers are slathered with neosporin and you have a moving little boy finger for a target.

  • The thin plastic sticks together. And once that happens, forget it.

  • The actual cotton part is so miniscule compared to the disproportionately large bandage.

  • I JUST want a cotton-picking NORMAL, old-school-style, fleshtoned BandAide brand bandaide for pete's sake!

But dinner needed to be started. And Mr. Fancy Bandaid wasn't here to slough off my responsibility on, so I started in. Marinating the chicken, rinsing the mushrooms in the collander...when I spotted it.

**The guilt-inducing conjoined mushroom**

From the very instant I saw it, I knew.

It was a sign.

I was being petty and shallow.

Even the produce knew it, as it seemed to remind me, "You and Bryan are a couple. Stuck together for life. How could you let something so trivial come between you? How?"

I did what any rational person would do -- went to the office and grabbed my camera.

And that's when I saw the email.

As if the siamese twins on my counter weren't enough, my husband had also taken the time to send me an email, complete with (no doubt) google images of the very little gems I had not so pleasantly described to him on the phone:

Telling me to take my pick since he was stopping at the store on the way home.

So, yeah, I felt like total fungus. But at least I've got my better half. And at least he's got a sense of humor during the occasional times that I ... um ... don't.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

Seriously cold.

So we are at home where it is warm. Starting the New Year all's what we've been up to:

(I like lists, okay? Work with me.)

1. Warren lost another tooth and got his 6 year molars. Oh, and another is loose, this time on top. Lots of happenings in the tooth department.

2. Nolan is eating some baby food. Specifically mashed banana just about every day for breakfast and I am slowly introducing some of the level 1 veggies from the jar. I plan to make my own baby food for him once he gets going and really consuming it regularly.

3. I have ramped up my efforts to shed this last 5 lbs of baby weight (i.e. using the elliptical machine for exercise instead of for hanging clothes to dry.) Man, it is hard to not eat something that you even just kinda want to eat. Finding it best to at least sort of plan what I am going to eat each day so I don't go foraging in the pantry out of boredom. Yes, I said boredom. Staying home with the boys isn't always a three ring circus, I do have some time to feel a little bored.

4. Jack has really taken off and started to write. He writes his name and lots of letters, using his etch-a-sketch even! I love to overreact with enthusiasm each time he brings me his magnadoodle to show me the latest "L" he made. It is just precious to watch him light up with pride.

5. Warren is starting to read! He has been able to recognize lots of words for quite some time and would make some effort to sound out words too. But now, he is really showing signs of being a beginner reader. So proud of him!

6. Bryan has been working so hard to support the family (I like to give him a hard time about how many dependents he has now!) and is just such a stellar bread winner. Couldn't be happier to have such a committed Daddy to the boys and husband.

7. Nolan is really settling in to his schedule. He is sleeping well lately (albeit still in our bed...I think I am finally embracing cosleeping rather than trying to pretend it is a bad thing) and I am thankful for that. Hello, sanity, good to see you again :) He is napping on a regular pattern and eating at the same times every day.

8. The boys still manage to fight, scrap, argue, disagree, battle, antagonize, patronize, tease (sick of it yet, now you know how I feel) each other a good portion of the day. And then when they have to say goodbye to each other for any reason they will full on kiss each other on the lips and then go on and on about how much they miss the other one. Dumbfounding, yes! A phase...hopefully!

9. I have started the loathsome task of pumping again to get a supply back in the freezer for our upcoming trip to Jamaica. I do not like pumping. But I do like a weekend in a tropical locale with no kids, so I can compromise :)

Can't wait to see what this year holds for us! 2010! Wow, it sounds weird still. Think of how wierd it will sound to the boys when they think of 1979, the year their parents were born. The olden days... :)


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