Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family Love

{Jack playing the instrument that shall remain name-less}

I don't know exactly what it is, but lately I have been feeling so very close to my family. Like I just want to hold them all extra tight and spend all my time oogling over them. We took the boys to a great restaurant last weekend that has a certain time where they open the stage to kids and put out toy instruments, blast little kid music over the speakers, and just let them run amok.

It was noisy and crazy, not gonna lie. But there were some perfect moments in there, some that I even managed to capture on my camera!

{Momma and Nolan on stage}

{Coming to the table for popcorn and a photo-op}

{The view from our table}

Whatever this cozy family vibe is, I am loving it!

Friday, February 19, 2010


"{Goo Goo Bear},"
yesterday you turned 7 months old!

We celebrated by packing up and spending the day at the Children's Museum downtown,
getting in one last visit before our membership expired.

You were awake and alert and playing with anything you could get your hands on.

Your seven-month-old-self is chalk full of personality and energy.

You sit perfectly by yourself now, rarely toppling over.

You are also:
Trying ever so hard to crawl. You get your knees up under your tummy, but then just aren't sure where to take it from there. Soon...

Quite proficient at navigating around the main level in your walker...right over to Daddy's coat draped over the barstool to get in some prime chewing, slobbering, nose-wiping action on his black coat. {Thanks for reminding him to hang up his coat in the coat closet!}

Nursing with the same enthusiasm as ever. Usually every two hours round the clock. You like the baby food too, but it pales in comparison.

Baby talking with a purpose. Like to draw attention to yourself, wake up your Momma and Daddy in the morning, or compete with the noise from your brothers.

Your personality seems to be pretty laid back unless you are hungry.

You have an easy laugh and quick smile, even for a stranger.

You love to bang on the computer keyboard while sitting in Daddy's lap.

Your brothers love you so much and constantly worry after you.

They are the ones that have been calling you "Goo Goo Bear" since the day you were born.

All indications are, you are going to be just as unique and special as both Warren and Jack!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Only Words

I haven't been much into blogging lately. I guess I've been putting most of my effort into keeping the house at least mostly not gross, not losing my temper too much when the boys fight, and still managing to find joy and humor in all that goes on around here in any given day.

Like when the boys use "The Force" to open the doors for me at Target. And when Warren makes an early Valentine's Card for me that says "I like you when you say yes." And when I hear Jack wake up and head downstairs and greet his fellow early bird with "good morning, Daddy."

Nolan is growing so rapidly, I swear that he sometimes looks bigger to me when I get him out of his crib from a nap. I love having a baby in the house, in case I haven't already said that a hundred times.

I am starting to formulate a plan of what the next few years looks like for me. It is still taking shape in my mind and of course I have to make sure my husband is on board. But it is good to have goals and somewhat of a plan, right?

For now though, we have lots to look forward to with a couple of upcoming vacations, loose little teeth, a soon-to-be crawling baby, and the usual grind of life that is as mind-numbing as it is challenging on some days!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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