Thursday, May 29, 2014

first days of Summer 2014

Nothing like getting the calendar for next school year and realizing my due date is the first day of school :) Kinda funny and also kinda daunting! Admittedly I am ripe with first days of summer enthusiasm and adrenaline. But I do want to make sure we start off on the right foot and set a good standard from which to falter later in the Summer.
Got Story's travel system all scrubbed up and ready to 10+ weeks!  Ha!  Lots of early nesting going on here.
Starting to foster friendships for this little man somehow already even though it was just yesterday he was born.
This note from Jack's teacher, along with an adorable plant in a planter signed by all the kids in Jacks class, brought me to tears on the last day of school.  It was truly an amazing year for Warren and Jack in school.  They had stellar report cards and we are immensely proud of them both.
Treated some neighbor friends to snow cones and kettle corn on the last day of school.  So fun!
Of course there was water play involved since it was HOT!
First official day of Summer we went to WOW Children's museum.  Warren built this keystone arch and was so happy to be out with his little brothers.
Eeek!!  There is an actual cherry tomato growing on my plant. 
And the strawberries are doing SO well this year it is crazy.  Must be all the rain we got this Spring.
A boy with a dust rag makes my heart skip a beat.
They are all doing so well with their chores and workbooks etc.  Makes me want to treat them to fun outings and plenty of outdoor fun this Summer.  Yay!
I think this is going to be a decent Summer. And I can't wait for the punctuation mark at the end with the birth of our daughter.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bryan!

It was a pretty good 35th birthday, filled with a new BBQ joint, playing at a park and scoring a new patio furniture set.
Cheers to many more to come, we love you! ~Charity, Warren, Jack, Nolan, Luke and Story XOXO

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Suprise Rockies Game with Dad

Bryan surprised Warren by picking him up from school on Thursday and taking him to the Rockies vs. Giants game that started at 1pm. The game ended up getting rain delayed twice and finally being called in the 5th inning with a 2-2 score, so they got vouchers to go back to another game. They managed to have a lot of fun pitching and broadcasting and getting Warren a new Rockies jacket though despite the weather.
Warren will surely remember this occasion forever, what a cool dad he has :)


I'll admit, every now and then I consider buying a farm. Because there are way too many people, waaaay to close to my house on those days. I might need to stretch out, and toss my kids out the door without worrying what other people think or about their behavior once they've been tossed. But then we have moments like these:

5 handsome guys cruising to school!
Keenan, Henry and Warren on the 1st day of 4th grade.
On the almost last day of school!  I think they grew a couple inches and gained lots of "cool" too.
A mommy friend from the preschool gave me her daughter's old crib bedding for Story!  It is so cute, I cannot wait.  Almost makes our blue crib seem intentional too since it matches!
And in moments like these I realize the value of community and people and how much we do love our neighborhood and need people around us.  :)

Nolan's Preschool Graduation

Nolan had his graduation from AM Ladybugs Preschool class at Betty Adams Early Childhood Development on May 21st. He has been going there for the past 2 years. The first year he went 2 days per week, and then the second year he went 4 days per week. It leads into Kindergarten nicely and he has made so many friends and really enjoyed his time there. Just like Warren and Jack did at the exact same preschool.
The whole AM Ladybug class performing for the parents.
Nolan participated perfectly.  No more shy guy like his first year of preschool.
Love his hair, which he insisted be combed like a "lego guy" that morning.
Getting his diploma from Mrs. Tania.  The hands in the pockets slay me.  So cute!
Mrs. Tina on the right said Nolan was most likely to be a race car driver. Nolan was pretty happy about that, although he would rather be an airplane pilot for sure.  Thought it was funny and noteworthy that his best buddy Ben wants to be a police officer.  Quite the duo! :) 
Another group shot!
The proud graduate with his diploma.  Wow, it really hit me how fast these past 5 years have gone.  Can't believe Nolan is about to be in Kindergarten. 
Sharing some treats with Luke.  Nolan treats Luke so well and always gives him some of his stuff. 
Luke has another year until he can start, but I am sure he will go there too. And then Story!

Congratulations, Nolan.  You are going to LOVE Kindergarten.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Picture Heavy Post of Fun

"Pursuing this further..." heehee we must have a nearly 5th grader in the house!  Love Warren's love of baseball.
Whoa hot stuff.  We had a date night on Friday night.  So proud of us nearly 11 years and 5 kids in and looking GOOD!  So grateful for our babysitter of 10 years too.  She definitely deserves a shout out. 
Headed to a wedding on Saturday and noticed Warren's little personal style touch.  Too cute!
These two had so much fun dancing at the wedding.
Luke got a power wheels truck for his birthday on Sunday and enjoyed spending that morning in the basement cruising around.
He also got a tonka truck and his brother set up Lincoln Logs for him to play with.
Then the rest of his birthday was spent at Coors Field for Little League day.  So fun!
This kid is THE best.  Skipped nap and was a complete trooper.  We love his personality and charm.
Nolan with a few of his team mates who attended the game.
A rare family together picture at the wedding on Saturday.  It was a really neat wedding, they had a taco bar (Jack ate FOUR tacos!!) and then an icecream truck came for dessert.
Eating snack together right after Jack's baseball game on Saturday.  Good gosh I love these guys. 


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