Monday, July 2, 2012

Luke is 1 month!

Well actually 6 weeks to be exact, but oh well.

Here is the run down of our sweet little man to date. He is such an easy baby, loves to go in the front infant carrier, nurses every two hours, sleeps great (in our bed still of course), smiles regularly, loves the shower, and even laughed once for Daddy already.
Warren, Jack and Nolan are the best big brothers Luke could ever hope for. They are so gently and caring for him, it constantly blows me away. I am getting better at being able to pick up snippets of personality traits early on and I predict a very hard worker in Luke (you should see how hard he works on his pacifier!) and another boy who really needs his sleep like Warren. Luke is focused and intent when he lays still to check things out. He rarely cries but doesn't especially love riding in the car in his carseat to date. We have all taken to calling him Luke-Duke and love him immenseley. How did we ever not have this beautiful baby in our family??


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