Sunday, November 27, 2011

Way Behind on Here...

I hate it when I get behind on this little online family journal. Then I sort of dread posting, since I don't even know where to start.

I've been:

making peppermint hand soap to give out as Christmas gifts to family friends neighbors teachers etc. I am finally done with it and even already gave them out to our neighbors. Turned out great!

planning Jack's birthday party -- he decided on The Young Chef's Academy for the venue. Can't believe he is turning 6! He is such a neat kid and we had fun figuring out his guest list and deciding on the menu options for his party. He cracks me up!

taking lots of pictures of other people's lovely families and kiddos. I am so blessed to have a hobby that brings in a little extra money!

working on the school newsletter. It is such a relief each month when it is done. I have to keep reminding myself that the number one reason I decided to stay home with my kids is to be super involved with their school and have a strong presence there. I do love it...most of the time!

coping as best as I can with the chaos that goes with home improvement...but man you should see my dining room! Wainscoting, ceiling feature, new paint...looking sharp! Real pics to come soon, I promise, but here is a little iPhone preview.

glossing over the fact that I am now 32 years old. I had a great birthday and got some nice gifts.

eating Thanksgiving leftovers and thinking next year just might be the year that I finally host!

frequenting the downtown children's museum with Nolan as much as possible.

Finally got him to wear the safety glasses while playing in the bubbles. This kid is the type that has to learn lessons the hard way so far.

Loves to be a fireman!

loving the fact that there is never a dull moment with this kid. He loves speed stacking and is participating in the science fair at school, doing his project on his Newton's cradle.

enjoying my energy returning as I leave my LAST first trimester ever in the dust!

Speaking of the little bambino (whom the u/s tech thought was most likely a GIRL at our 13 week ultrasound!), Gummy Bear is doing great! Here are a couple pictures:

Sweet little profile. Baby had heart rate of 160 bpm and appeared to be sleeping, but would move arms every now and then.

See? Now hand by the face...awww!

Can you believe we find out the gender for sure in only 2 weeks?! So excited to know. We have a new boy name since we just couldn't agree on Roman or Dash...Everett Lucas. Whew! I think we are officially done with the name game. It is hard coming up with a fourth boy name we both love!

Anyhow, I am already head over heels in love with this baby. And I truly don't care about the gender. Just so excited to have our family complete and hold another little baby!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Since I Last Posted...

...Nolan has been busy playing airplanes, so glad to see Pixar is coming out with "Planes" in 2013!  Thanks buddy Ben for letting Nolan borrow this toy for so long :)

...Big boys are busy with baseball camp.

...Lots of block stacking and smashing going on as usual.

...Beautiful flowers delivered from Bryan's parents to say congrats on #4.

...Nolan is potty training and dare I say done pee training!  I don't know how this picture is relevant, but it is funny and he's wearing underwear in all his waking hours these days.  So proud of him for taking control of his bladder at 28 months -- not too shabby, especially for a boy!

...Halloween went off without a hitch.  I loved watching Jack's Kindergarten parade and all of them dancing along to Michael Jackson's Thriller video.  Could have done without the subsequent week of nightmares from Jack...he is a sensitive soul.

...Jack is doing great in school and even has homework every week.

...Bryan has gone hunting twice for Elk.  All he has managed to bring back though are some beautiful pictures.
...Jack is reading!!! I am using this great website  It is amazing he is alreading reading the level C books with ease.  Yay, Jack!  This is the exact same age to the month that Warren starting reading.  Time is flying!  This is the very first book he read by himself:

...I gave Warren one early Christmas gift that I got him at my favorite thrift store the other day.  Remember this?? I had one for sure.  He loves it and already has several rows memorized!  He is SUCH a smart kid.  I don't think he's brought home any work less that 100% so far this year and it cracks us up when he gets well over 100% on his spelling tests each week with the bonus challenge words -- Bryan says lovingly "oh man, he's that kid in class I used to hate...the little curve setter."

...Jack LOVES Pho like his Mama!  Just he and I go often.

...Nolan LOVES snow!  He loves to bundle up and head out with a shovel.

...Boys sharing a rare soda.  They couldn't get enough!

...At Lowe's getting lumber for the wainscoting going up in the dining room today!  The new windows are in and I am loving it!

Just a little taste of what's {been} going on around here.  So you can see why there's not much time for blogging!

Pregnancy update?  You know you want one :)  I have a noticeable little belly going on.  Still feeling super sick and tired.  Should be letting up soon, I keep telling myself.  Next appointment is on the 21st and I get to see the baby again on u/s then for NT scan at 13 weeks.  We are still on cloud nine over this baby and can't wait to find out what it is next month! 


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