Thursday, January 27, 2011

Partners in Crime

Two in one day?! I know, I gotta make up for some lost time here!

These two...

are so cute together

both have to roll down their pants in order for the waist to almost kind of stay up

light up when they see each other

speak the same baby language that lets you know they have so much to say, but scarcely is anything understandable outside of "ball", "car", and "dog". They've got their most important boy bases covered with just those words though!

are super smart and sometimes naughty...

letting the dogs in is a team effort?

{Thanks for the picture and for watching him for "date night" at Proto's Pizza!}


{Boys sitting on the futon at breakfast this morning, since the furniture was all over the place for the carpet cleaners}

So much good going on right now!
Bryan planned a quick trip for us over Valentine's Day weekend, wherein I will be sleeping, shopping, and finally seeing "O"... in Vegas! I am beyond excited!

We got the carpets cleaned this morning! It had been over two years.

We shuffled furniture around the house and got rid of a bunch of stuff via Craig's list and it just feels great... early Spring Cleaning bug?!

Planning our annual trip to Alaska for May!

Soaking in the sunshine today!

Warren and Jack both doing so great in school -- makes me so proud! Registered Jack for Kindergarten (half day) and so excited for him since he is sooooo ready.

{When he's not playing Legos, Jack has been working on letter formation to get ready for Kindergarten}

Murphy bed getting installed next week in the office! Something about them just seems so cool. I bet the kids are going to love it and guests will have three little monkeys jumping on their bed!

Nolan continues to sleep in his big boy bed, and has settled pretty well into one long nap after lunch.

Dinosaur Club kicked off yesterday and was a huge hit! Warren is openly so proud and happy that his Momma has done 3 after school clubs... warms my heart!

Bryan got me an iPhone, which is so fun but has unfortunately led to a decrease in blogging and real picture taking.

Warren and Jack both got to go spend the weekend at a separate relatives' house last weekend, giving Bryan and I the rare chance to accomplish so much with just one little munchkin... including a date!

Life is good. That's about it for now!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Words of Now


snow (and more to come!)

alarm clock for a our biggest boy

hello's and goodbye's at the airport

Super Mario Brothers (my thumb hurts!)


new houses being built all around us

lots of new words from our littlest boy:





well child checkup for our middle boy

healthy as can be! growing like weed!

lots of doctor and dentist appointments this month

dreading waiting rooms and wild kids

even more change with Bryan's work/company

you would think I would be used to it by now!

sticker shock at Murphy Bed cost
who knew complex springs cost so much?
missing Summer and seeing familiar neighbors outside playing
can't wait for the excitement of this Summer
considering doing another after school club this semester
am I crazy?
wondering when I should introduce potty training to Nolan...
... he's got two big brothers to help teach him!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"where a kid can be a kid!"...

{The Birthday Boy with his "game face"}

... that's what Jack said when I asked him where he wanted to go for his special birthday outing.

So, off we went to dinner at Red Robin {mmmm, Rookie Magic!} and then to Chuck E. Cheese. Let the good times roll...

{An attempt at a decent picture of my and my boys at dinner, I don't even recall what Nolan is weilding here!}

{this might be my favorite picture from the night!}

{this was actually Nolan's first time at Chuck E. Cheese, so we had to get him on the Fun Bus!}

{he was all over it, and totally knew what to do with the steering wheel!}

{Meanwhile, this is what I saw nearly every time I went to check on Warren}

{And Nolan cracked me up with this... he kept pointing and had this expression...}

{ guys, hello, don't you realize there are BALLS in there!}

{what age do you think he will require us to actually put tokens in the game he is playing?}

{Nolan and Daddy, awww.}

{Finally opening gifts and concluding the fun outing!}

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chuggin' Along

I present to you, the very delightful result of my saying "go to your big boy Choo Choo bed, Nolan", when it became obvious he was in need of a nap today.

Up the stairs he climbed into his new room that Mommy and Daddy worked so hard on setting up yesterday. It is amazing what we can get done with the baby at Grandma's and Jack at Aunt Shelli's -- thanks to both for helping us out!

So it goes that transitioning 18 month olds to their big beds continues to be not a big deal. Hoping for a similar result at bed time tonight!!

Still have some bare wall space that I'm thinking needs a picture mural and we all know how I feel about white walls {blech!}, but I need to recover from hauling mattresses all over the house first! I am happy with how it's coming together so far... and apparently so is he!

It is a little anxiety inducing to lose our dedicated guest bedroom, but now, as planned, the office will double as our guest room with a nifty murphy bed soon enough.

I spent the majority of today moving all his clothes into his closet and dresser, going through crate after crate of toddler clothes we had stored, and deciding what to actually keep. Whew! Hopefully tomorrow I can go through pictures from Jack's birthday party and be all caught up here!


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