Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jack Dylan Happenings

Jack's flag football team took second place in the playoff bracket.  Jack scored a touchdown on the game before the Championship game and came alive blocking his little heart out in the final game. 

His team, The Vikings, celebrated at Fat Cats with a second trophy and football shaped oreos, bowling, game tokens, pizza, and cupcakes.  Wow, what a first season for Jack!

Then, this past weekend Jack got to go to Miner's Maze Adventureland in Golden for one of his best buddy's birthday parties.  He came home telling all these wild tales, which we honestly kinda didn't believe...until his friend's mom sent some pics from her phone.  Wow.  Who knew our formerly timid guy had it in him?!

It is quite the life this boy leads and he deserves it all!  Live it up, Jack!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Force is strong with this one.

Nolan definitely has "the bug."  Just about the exact age both Warren and Jack fell head over heels for Star Wars too.  Good thing we have ALL the toys to satisfy him.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Funny Phone Pics

Nolan crashed out in the bottom of the stroller, where he often rides.  He fell asleep while I was volunteering at the school yesterday.
Me: "Hey Jack, can you put some toys around Luke?"
Warren: "Whoa, Jack doesn't understand figurative language."

Nighty night!  What a lucky Mama I am to be surrounded...

There are SO many silly things that happen around here every day.  I really need to start recording them again so that I don't forget!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Warren got elected to be a student council representative for his class.  He is beyond thrilled.  Here is his speech:

Warren’s Student Council Speech:

I really want to be in the student council for my class. This will be my first year of doing it and I really want to have a chance of doing a good job. If I get chosen, I will be very excited. I am very responsible and I am never late for school or anything. I am also the oldest of four boys in my family who will all go to Betty Adams. My brothers all look up to me and depend on me to make the school better.

I also play tackle football, which shows that I am a hard worker, since that takes over 8 hours a week and you have to be a good team mate.

When you vote for student council, don’t forget to vote for Warren Lawson to get the job done right!

Also don’t forget to tell your parents to vote yes on 3A and 3B!

Thank you for your votes.


He only practiced once and was so excited to share his news when I picked him up from school that day.  He said "Mom, my heart was beating so fast when the votes were getting counted." 

We celebrated with icecream during his homework before football practice.  Yes he wore his tie and yes this kid ROCKS!  We couldn't be more proud of him.

Jack scored at his recent football game. 
"You can stop now, Jack." Haha, that's our boy!
I am so grateful that there is so much to celebrate around here! 
Warren has his second appointment with a holistic pediatrician in Denver this week.  Much more on that soon!  We are so excited at the prospect of what this Doctor has to offer him.

Sunday Funday out with Nolan

It's not very often I get to spend time with just one little boy.  I got to take Nolan to a preschool friend's birthday party today and boy did he soak up the one on one attention for the whole 4 hour expedition.  Truth be told, Luke went with us.  But he slept the entire time in the stroller so Nolan didn't even know he was there :)

One of my favorite Nolan faces!

Mining hat.

Panning for gold with the help of the sweetest staff girl at the Aquarium downtown.
There were scuba divers in there!
Mesmerized by the fish.
Nolan loved the turtles the most.  Almost as much as he loves getting his picture taken.

I am so happy with my new camera!  All of these were taken with no flash and are not edited at all.  I got a mirrorless DSLR and am completely sold on the concept. Just what I needed to get back into taking regular everyday pictures and possible regular blogging again. 

Such a fun day out with Nolan.  My sister has Jack on a "date" to see Frankenweenie right now and I hear football on tv and Bryan in the basement installing a new whole house humidifier.  Life is good!  I have so much to brag about these boys in another post soon.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


We are nearing the end of a very (it started before school even started) football season for Warren and Jack.  This is Warren's second year of tackle and Jack's first of flag football.  It is pretty all consuming with practices and games.  I keep waffling in between resigning to the chaos of the season and then fighting with all I have to keep some sense of normal.  Although there's nothing normal about eating out three nights per week and having a couch upstairs full of laundry waiting to be folded. 

So, I do my fair share of griping about how draining this all is and I keep checking the schedule to see how many games are left and cringing when I see an entire Saturday dissipate before my eyes with a game in Highlands Ranch.  But I also love watching my boys.  Love cheering for them.  Love seeing them learn a sport and be a team mate.  Love watching them grow up so supported by us and full of pride. 

Today was no exception.

It was a day of football, with little gems of home time in between.

Nolan loves the tennis courts.

Huddle time.

Sleepy time.

Exersaucer time.

Coloring time.

Bumbo time.

I got a new camera today.  And I am so happy with the straight out of the camera shots, that I may never open my editing software again! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lovin' Luke Duke at 4 months

Luke is already 4 months. We really can't believe he's ALREADY 4 months and yet we also can't believe we ever somehow existed without him. Does that make any sense? Luke Duke, as we all call him, is the happy spot in our family. A true measure of joy and the perfect caboose to our clan. Gosh we love him so much it is all kinds of corny, sappy, and silly. He is rolling and eating solids and responding to his name and verbalizing and still nursing probably way more often than he "should" and sleeping right next to mommy every night. I am truly busy savoring each day of his infancy before it is gone. I know all too well how that goes. So please pardon my absence...I'm having a love affair with baby Luke and cannot be bothered to clean my house or blog. {First bath with the brothers}
{Sitting in the Bumbo chair}
{Well, that explains a lot!}
Anyhow, I have big plans. An image in my head of my four precious boys in a picture together. Getting back to regular updates. Maybe keeping this house in less chaos....maybe. But for now I am a teenager doodling "Luke" in the margin of my notebooks and feeling all lovestruck and consumed. Updates all around:
Warren had a rocky start to 3rd grade behaviorally but is so on track the last two weeks. I am trying a supplement with him from Whole Foods and have an appointment scheduled for next week with a holistic pediatrician in Denver to talk about his hyperactivity. He is such a SMART boy academically and is proving to be a real stud on the football field too. Sometimes I think there's just so much awesomeness bundled into that boy it is overwhelming and cannot be contained. I rely on him every day for his help and humor and brains. The world is so much better off with him in it I am sure.  
Jack. Oh Jack. My romantic boy. Comes home most days and writes me love letters. Equally smart and loving first grade. Doing flag football this season and way more interested in making friends and practicing than actually making an impact at the games so far. Loving Legos more than ever. Jack is doing SO GOOD in school; reading up a storm...he is an "enthusiastic learner" according to his teachers. Jack regularly throws his beloved blankie in the trash proclaiming he no longer needs it, only to rescue it a couple hours later and spend a few hours snuggled up on the couch with it. He is such a man/child and seriously could not be any cuter. Jack is our perfection.
Nolan Patrick is in preschool two days per week now. He doesn't ever want to go. I am partly annoyed by his proclamations and yet I partly revel in them knowing he would rather stay home with me. Nolan is ever a Mamma's boy still. He knows so much more than he lets on and his verbal skills are exploding this year. He is the only one in the house who doesn't coddle Luke, and that is valuable too. He can ride his balance bike without putting his feet down for long stretches now. He finally quit drinking milk out of a bottle over the Summer cold turkey thanks to Daddy. I might have let that go on to age 12 if he hadn't intervened. Nolan is the kind of boy it's hard to say no least for me. He's got a healthy self esteem and rightfully so in my opinion. I have a real soft spot for little Nolan right now.
Us. We have the Madonna concert this month and a trip planned for just us in December and we are surviving. Not great. Not the best place we've ever been in our relationship but this is hard work and we sometimes blame each other for all the imperfections of life, when in reality we know that if we weren't so tired we could see they are just the perfect imperfections and no body's fault. We are not fully matured at 32 years old and that's okay. No body's really mad for reals. No body's going anywhere as far as I can tell and we are a big crazy family that most people probably cringe at and we somehow like it that way. Watch out, the Lawsons are a party of 6 now and we are LOUD and messy.


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