Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

As per usual on trips like this one to Kansas City for Thanksgiving 2012, I did not take nearly as many pictures as I should have.  Fortunately I did manage to get a few real gems though on our visit to Aunt Margaret and Uncle Derito's house in Overland Park.
We were treated like royalty by the Bonicelli's as usual.  We love Kansas City.  I could seriously live there!  One of the few places outside of the Pacific Northwest that I wouldn't mind living.  It is so green and beautiful and nice. 
{I'm sure this is exactly what they had in mind for the airport internet terminal in Denver.}

{Jack rubbing a Buddha belly at the Kansas City Zoo.}

{Yes, Warren, you look really cool.}

{First flopped attempt at a family picture.}

{Four of my favorite people.}
{Second flopped attempt at a family picture.}
{Warren milking a cow.}
{Love this boy.  So very much.  I'm gonna keep him home next year for 4th grade, I am.}
{Mama and Luke.}

{If I could sum up the trip in two words, it would be "rootbeer milk."


I can't believe Jack is coming up on age 7.
December 30.  The day the world got just a tiny bit frecklier and sweeter. 
I'm not gonna pretend this past year has been all great- as Jack has recently come out of a very difficult phase.  He was very combative and argumentative and generally cranky for ... ohhh... about 7 months.  Whew.  I waited it out.  Loved on him when I could.  Walked away when I couldn't. 
And sure enough, my sweet sweet Jack is back.  A little taller and a little wiser.  And for sure a few teeth lighter :)

I've got a sitter!

On November 26th he sat up boldly.

He is so proud of himself, and so are we.  
Each milestone of Luke's is really a milestone for the whole family, as we celebrate them and the older boys are so fascinated to see a small baby grow up right before their eyes.  It is a really special byproduct of having a larger sized family with a 7 year spread.  Warren and Jack especially will remember when Luke first sat up at 6 months.  They know A LOT about babies and taking care of a younger sibling.  That is sure to have an impact on them!  Just like it did for me so many years ago when I was the oldest of 4 :) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Potpourri

Nolan at the dentist recently.  We are at over a year now with no cavities for all three boys!  The last time we had one it was Warren and he had it filled with no anesthesia!  So he is now famous at the office for that move (he HATES being numb).  The boys are taking such good care of their teeth using a mouth rinse and flossing.  Really proud of their oral hygiene...what, I am ;)
 Warren's first limo ride for his buddy's birthday party.  They got picked up from school on a Friday in this ride.  Warren has SO many pictures on his iPhone from the inside.  What a riot.
Luke's first time swimming!  Took him right at 6 months to the day....see sometimes I follow the rules.  He loved it of course and it was very memorable as I took all four boys alone (I called ahead to make sure that was even allowed!)

Quite possibly my favorite picture from our recent Thanksgiving trip to Kansas City.  Nolan with his "soupcase" marching through DIA like a pro.  More real pictures from that trip up next!

Children's Museum

See this little family huddled in the corner??
Yeah they didn't last long.

It was that apparent that these three needed some space:

How cool is this dance floor?

I might need to buy one for our basement :)

We just renewed for another year membership at the downtown children's museum.  The boys just love that place and they do such a nice job of keeping new things coming there to peak their interest.  Even with an age spread from 8 years to 6 months, there's something for all 4 boys!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Fishy

The world is his oyster:

Nolan had his first solo swim lesson today.  He was the tiniest bit nervous and clingy when we got there...with the tell tale fingers in the mouth, wide eyed expression, and surveying the scene:

But then, oh wait, this definitely isn't a nervous look anymore!  He really took off:

Floating on his back and "swimming backwards." Way to go, Nolan!
He has the lessons twice per week for the next month.  Already can't wait to go back again!  I love watching Nolan blossom.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus...

Nolan got to ride his first school bus yesterday.  Oh. My. Word.  The anticipation built up for an hour prior.  He could hardly sit still through the Winnie the Pooh safety video they watched before boarding THE BUS.

Look at his smile!   Look at his hair!  Look at his shirt!  I can't get enough of this boy!  He is such a source of joy for me right now.  Nolan has such a great personality.  He is always happy and positive and SO SWEET.

Slaying me with the sly look to make sure I did indeed see just how cool of a cat he is!

The doors open and the kids unload to the arms of mommies armed with cameras :)
Big hugs and proud faces.

Speaking of preschool...I present to you Nolan's first school pic.  Age 3.  OMG he is so perfect and classically cute.  This smile!  This comb over!  I love you, Nolan.  You make me so proud!

Nolan is now well into his first year of preschool, at the same preschool Warren and Jack went to.  At the same school Warren and Jack now go to for Elementary school.  Luke will go there too.  They will have quite a legacy of memories to reflect on.  They were all born to the same doctor at the same hospital.  They have all had the same pediatrician for over 8 years.  They will all grow up in this house in this neighborhood with the same little league baseball and football programs.  It is very important to me that they are connected by all these little things so they remain close as adults.  I will be eating crow if this doesn't work and they aren't a close knit band of brothers when they grow up...but I have a strong feeling this will only serve to bolster their brotherly bonds.  There will be lots of little ones calling my babies "uncle" someday, I just know it!

We have been thinking and talking about family a lot lately.  And I think I am prepared to openly say that we do want a 5th child.  I know I do.  Bryan is warming to the idea.  I know it may sound crazy and there are days when I am certainly beyond overwhelmed with 4.  But this is my one wild chance at life, and I have the heart for a big family.  I love having a baby and nurturing the child that sprouts from that baby.  I just don't feel done with four.  It may not be politically correct in 2012 but oh well.  I would also like to live in Iceland at some point in my life.  We'll see if either of these things come to pass! :)

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween x4 from the Law{sons}!
We had a Broncos football player, a radioactive skeleton, a Teddy Bear, and a Rocket!

Lukie Bear's first Halloween:
This costume is killer!  Painted his face metallic and he was in character all day blasting off.  Such a classic Halloween for Nolan.

Nolan's very first Preschool Party.  He loved it.  Made crafts, decorated a cookie, had snacks, sang songs and got lots of goodie bags.  
It was a successful Halloween all around with the neighborhood parade and trick or treating. 
We sorted the candy and made little "movie kits" that should last a year!  Basically just assortments of treats in little zip lock bags that we can sneak in when we go to the theater.  Shhhhh! :)


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