Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eldorado Canyon (with 4 wild boys at 30 weeks pregnant!)

On Monday morning this week, I struck out solo with all four boys and a neighbor friend with her two kids and niece to Eldorado Canyon for a morning of hiking with the kiddos.
Aren't we a motley crew?
At the Fowler Trail head.
Warren, King of the Hill!
Now this one makes me laugh.  Nolan, you are such a Colorado dude!
Taking a small break and someone is grumpy for getting reprimanded for leaving the main trail for too long...
All smiles again, these are my guys and I couldn't be more proud of them!
Luke and his good buddy.  These two will be in the same grade together.
Both were equally enamored with this filthy puddle on a rock.  No really, they would have drank the murky water if we hadn't prevented it.
First fire of the Summer!  S'mores were so good!  Such a cozy vibe in the back yard.
And because somehow that isn't enough adventure for one day, we concluded the day with a Little League game and then s'mores with another neighbor buddy too. Whew!

So...I stayed up WAY too late last night googling all things related to baby teeth and cavities in the molars on the sides where they touch.  Ordered a couple things on Amazon with xylitol and am so glad to be getting a second opinion on Friday.  Hopeful that we can just fill them instead of capping them in the OR as this new dentist had said.  Am also hopeful that by using a couple new product and putting a new found emphasis on flossing baby teeth we can stop this in its tracks and maybe even reverse it to an extent.  Will be back with more information soon!

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