Sunday, June 8, 2014

Typical Lazy Summer Days

I didn't enroll the boys in any camps or activities this Summer, other than Little League baseball, which is about to wrap up next week. Instead we are taking each day as it comes and spending long stretches of time at places like the library and the mall sandbox.
So far it's been really nice and allows us lots of freedom to do spontaneous things like have lunch at Target or stay in our pajamas magnadoodling all morning and yet also keep true to Luke's nap schedule and our workbook and reading time every afternoon. Warren and Jack are also doing a chore every day, which is so incredibly helpful and good for them too.
This kind of a Summer, I am finding, also blends well into the weekends seamlessly. This past weekend after Warren's baseball game we headed downtown to leisurely walk the 16th Street Mall and have lunch at Earl's. Of course Warren and Jack wanted salmon and wings. Nolan thoroughly enjoyed his fries :) And we even treated them to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory afterwards (Story wanted a milk chocolate macadamia cluster...or two.) Then it was homemade pizza for dinner while I sorted through some amazing hand me downs for Story. These Robeez shoes are brand new - so cute!
Now today, Bryan took Warren and Jack dirtbiking at Berthoud and I am having a nice quiet day at home with Nolan and Luke. They took a long hot bath, played outside, had lunch and are now both resting. I am able to get so much done on days like this, it makes me actually feel partially sane for once. I've got a good handle on all the girl clothes that have entered the house so far even, which feels good. Soon, I'll be folding laundry into 7 piles instead of 6! :)

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