Friday, June 13, 2014

This and That

On the way out of the door to run and get a little treat, I noticed Warren and Jack's sneakers. Whoa. Giant boy sneakers are invading!
These are some HAPPY boys right here.
Anyhow, it was little sister's idea to get Oreo McFlurries :) She has got one heck of a sweet tooth. Every time I indulge, she gets all rowdy in there for a bit and then gets the hiccups and goes to sleep. Cannot wait to see this darling baby on the outside! In the meantime, I am having way too fun spending consignment store credit from selling boy clothes on things that catch my this sleeper...oh yes she is definitely going to be one of a kind around here...and footless star tights, yes please!!
Gonna pair these with a denim dress and some little Mary Jane's.  Oh yes! 
Anyhow, in other exciting news, we booked a trip for next month in San Diego! So Nolan will get to spend his 5th birthday at Lego Land! We have a downtown day planned and a beach day planned. So excited for this little trip as our last hurrah as a family of 6. It will just be a month after we return that we should expect Story's arrival! Wow!!

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