Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First Dirt Biking Outing of 2014

Bryan took the boys dirt biking on Saturday for the first time so far this year. It has been an unusually rainy wet spring, and in fact it even rained a bit on them on Saturday.
Sometimes I cannot believe I have two kids old enough to partake in this sort of thing.  Wow!
I'm told they had a blast in Berthoud, and they were certainly gone long enough for me to get a lot done here at home and also have some good play time with these two:
Playdoh is on a huge kick here at the Lawson household.  Luke got a new set for his birthday last month, which has totally sparked their interest again.  Amazingly, the dough I made last year is still super soft and great. 
We had a really fun Monday too, which I will have a separate post for soon. Today, though, I took all the boys to the dentist for their regular check up and cleanings. It was Nolan's first time getting dental x-rays and unfortunately his results did not come up roses. He may need to get several baby molars capped since they have cavities on the sides where they touch and they don't fall out until he is 12. Such a bummer. I'd like to say I took it in stride, but truth be told I didn't. Gonna seek a second opinion on the treatment course this Friday, but I'm not holding out much hope. Looks like he will need to get caps. I tend to take things like this way too personal...like I have failed him or something. Sigh. Being a mama is an emotional journey! Things like this tend to rattle my confidence and make me second guess our visits to places like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
But we looooove candy, Mom!
Stay tuned for an update on Nolan's teeth situation and a fun post on a pretty big adventure we went on yesterday!

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