Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Days

Just a catch up post to capture a few of my favorite moments from the past week or so...
Took them to Sensory Park and Warren added up their weights and sure enough it was about even.  Speaking of size, Warren had his 10 yo well child checkup last week and measured in at 90% for height and 30% for weight :)  Mini Bryan for sure!
Luke loves the water table this Summer.  We do this almost daily.
Lots of friends playing Mario Super Slugger to take a break from the heat.
Spent a morning at a nearby park with a small lake with bikes and picnic lunch.
When I am able to look back at pictures like this at the end of a long tiring day, it helps me to refuel for another day.
Look!  She has more babies than me!
Sunbathing beauties working on their farmers tans.
The little garden I have going is producing strawberries at least.  Still waiting on the blueberries and cherry tomatoes.
Little Nolan crashed out after playing hard in the rain at Jack's final Little League game.

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