Tuesday, September 28, 2010


He is a Lawson Boy through and through... making him the 3rd little one to LOVE celery.

And have a knack for making ornery faces.

{They are finally on display... so pretty!}

I haven't used my dryer in nearly two weeks.

Warren's teacher sought me out this morning to tell me that "he is doing SO well and I just thought you should know."

I started decorating for Fall/Halloween yesterday. My FAVORITE time of year! Especially since my Momma is coming for a quick visit to take the boys trick-or-treating and see my sister! Yay!

We are so ridiculously busy with Bryan's work, our rental properties, kid stuff, house stuff, social events, etc that I am tired. Feeling like I need to buckle down and have a little break... just as soon as I clean the carpets since Warren had a random unexplainable night of puking all over our house and then was perfectly fine the next day. Poor kid... poor momma!

I am organizing and preparing for the after school club that I am running for this year on... AIRPLANES! Brainstorming activities and such to keep 30 little boys occupied for an hour once per week on all things aviation. Shouldn't be too difficult!

Better go get on the elliptical machine before Nolan wakes up from his nap! Just about down to exactly normal weight, although still nursing Nolan quite a bit and I never lose all the weight until that's done.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Frugal... it's the new spendy-spendy!"

For the past few days, each time I came downstairs I found myself stopping by the computer.

Did she email back?! Ohhh, yes. Love it. Must respond. Ideas, ideas, ideas...

And after just about the most fun and thought provoking email chain, I have compiled a bulleted list of things that are just too good not to share.

  • Wash dishes on light cycle with no heated dry.
  • Line dry all clothes after washing only on cold. If need be, toss in dryer for 5 minutes after they are dry for a no heat "fluff".
  • Turn off the computer at night.
  • Unplug things that aren't getting used more than 1 hour per day.
  • Limit your number of dinners per week that have meat. Substitute with other forms of protein and watch in amazement at the impact to your grocery budget and possibly even your waisteline.
  • Open windows/doors in the morning, when it is cool. Then shut drapes and blinds once the sun is warm.
  • Experiment with raising the setting on the thermostat in the Summer and the opposite in the winter, you might find that you can be comfortable a couple degrees off from where you thought you needed to be.
  • Shop second hand. I bought ALL the boys' school clothes at my favorite thrift store this year! Find a favorite thrift store and go frequently! If I need an item in my kitchen, now I don't even find myself driving towards a red target anymore... that was a huge habit to break!
  • Try cutting your own kids' hair. I have all boys so this is easier for me, but still at $13/haircut and as fast as their hair grows, this can make a big impact!
  • Keep the vents clean on your appliances and make sure they are in good working order, especially the AC unit if you have one.
  • Pare down the luxuries... do you really need or even find much please in that XM satellite radio subscription, netflix, extra cable channels, etc.
  • This is a biggie... don't have the television on when you are in a room just to keep you company and provide background noise. We are still working on this one, and by we, I mean just a certain someone -- love you, babe!

Thanks, Megan. Really too much fun...

In case you wonder why the emphasis now, really it has been a steady slow progression since I quit working outside the home over two years ago. But for some reason I find we have historically put more emphasis on just bringing more and more income into our household, and not enough on how we actually spend it.

And really, it is fulfilling and actually fun to save your family money and do good in the process!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We like to set records... usually.

We attempted to take the bus to the game.

Much like we attempted to get a family shot while waiting for the bus.

We made it to the game... and... it was HOT.

As in, the HOTTEST home opener on record.

Boys took their shirts off and drank a whole water bottle in just a few minutes.

We tried to sweat it out. Prayed for a breeze. Hallucinated a cloud.

Then came to terms with reality and headed home to finish watching the Broncos win on television.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

These kids... these crazy kids of mine.

{Don't worry, the oven wasn't actually ON... this time!}

{"And I would like to thank the generous people at Whirlpool for making this all possible."}

You know what else makes me go hmmmm?

My sons answering with "yes, Your Majesty" when I give them instruction.

First time, I raised my eyebrows, sure they were just being playful and cute.

Second time, I lowered my eyebrows considering the possibility.

Third time... there it was... full blown sarcasm!

Now I realize this is disrespectful, of course, and I plan to deal with that aspect of it immediately. However, seriously... Your Majesty does have kind of a nice ring to it! And I can appreciate a dose of sarcasm as much as anyone!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Kids are {more than} Alright.

While boy #1 was behind these doors,

making all kinds of clay creations

to proudly show his Momma at the end of his second 90 minute pottery class stint,

boy #2 was playing a friendly game of ring toss with his swim class

and boy #3 was ducking in between furniture, giving me the biggest cheesy smiles,

and running rampant around the lobby, appropriately wearing his "3" shirt.
The End.


These two pictures randomly showed up next to each other on the screen saver program on our computer this morning, and I liked seeing them side by side,

reminding me that 7+ years ago... I married well.

May every day be so fun, silly, special, and full of love... garter belt optional!

Monday, September 13, 2010


... Nolan fell asleep in his highchair eating a snack after playing playdo outside with neighbor friends.

{Hello, Sweetness!}

... Suddenly Warren can tie his shoes. By himself. Let me repeat, the kid can tie his own shoes. Just like that!

... When I asked "Jack, did you have fun at swim lessons?", he responded "of course!" with the kind of enthusiasm that only he can muster.

... Warren did a page of homework (that isn't even due til next Monday) while Jack had his lesson, and Nolan happily toddled around the waiting area and I had one of those super rare moments as a mother to three boys where I actually thought to myself "I've got this! I've totally got this."

... I vow to bring my camera on Wednesday to the rec center to capture the aforementioned scene, so I can gaze upon it lovingly during those times when I so totally do not got this.

... I am looking forward to a new Mom's Group that starts tomorrow. Nolan will go to the childcare room for 2 hours while I attend... hmmm... wonder how that's gonna go?!


Rightfully so, whenever life gets busy or changes in any way that requires adaptation, this little old blog of mine immediately goes to the back-burner. But before I get so far behind that I can't even conjure up anything that makes sense, lets play a little game of "true or false" to get back up to speed.

...TRUE or FALSE...

After accidentally deleting and then recovering pictures from when my mom visited last month, I am only just now posting a handful from our time in Boulder.
{The van was a sight to be seen, packed to the gills!}

{Me and my Momma on Pearl Street!}

{Watching the street performers}

Warren completely blew my socks off by riding a horse for over an hour in the mountains on a short trip to celebrate Bryan's Dad's 60th birthday.
{Being such a good big brother showing Jack the horses}

{Warren riding "Custer"}

Just in case it wasn't a tall enough order to be without Bryan last week, I decided to also take all the kids to 2 doctor appointments (one that involved extracting 2 baby teeth), transition Nolan out of "the family bed" and into his crib (making for some interestingly long nights), and take the boys for their first round of rec center activities.

Warren is making a set of dishes in his pottery class.

Jack has taken to his swim lessons like a little guppy.

I haven't taken a single picture since Red Feather Lakes, when I captured this adorable shot of the two youngest:

... I'm sure you guessed it... all true. There, you are all caught up now!

Hopefully I am able to get back in the groove this week.

Friday, September 3, 2010


  • I don't feel like posting pictures today, kind of in a rut with that lately.
  • I am at the tail end of a minor cold (first time I have had anything in over a year) and even though it is minor, it has still taken a toll this week on my energy level.
  • Nonetheless, it has been a productive week! I started out with a long to-do list and nearly everything is marked off. Do you ever do something and then write it on your to-do list? Um, yeah, me neither... that would be weird! :)
  • The boys start their extracurricular activities for this semester next week! Jack chose swimming lessons and Warren chose a pottery class. Love their choices!
  • Bryan has started his new job and that is going remarkably well. Of course more of the responsibility here on the home front is on me now, especially while he is busy these first few months getting everything established, but I am happy to take that on for my family.
  • Looking so forward to spending the day tomorrow with an awesome friend of mine from college.
  • Having some of Bryan's friends over for dinner tonight for a congratulatory event of sorts on the new promotion. Been cleaning and preparing for that this morning.
  • Warren is doing SO well in first grade. I nearly cried when he first got a little certificate acknowledgement thingy for good behavior. That marked the FIRST time since he has been in preschool even that he has been praised for being GOOD! Since then, he has gotten three more and just plain LOVES first grade! Yay!
  • Hoping that this is the month. Fingers are crossed...
  • Gonna chill with my guys this Labor Day, no big plans!


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