Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

The wonderment of Halloween seen through the child's eyes is just positively captivating.

And as Jack showed us his catch after each and every house, commenting on the increasing weight of his bag, it kept us warm on the chilly evening.

He remained in "Tony Stewart" character for quite some time.

Long after the neighborhood Halloween parade led by big brother Warren had concluded.

Friday, October 30, 2009

That Kind of Halloween

It's gonna be that kind of Halloween tomorrow. Unlike last year, when we traipsed around the neighborhood with the kids, wearing flip flops and actually having feeling in our fingertips.

We got over 2', which made the schools close for two days. It was fun, but by the end of day two, right after I got a mouthful of little boy slobber and Hungry Hungry Hippo marbles spit into my hand during our game time, I was like "okay, I really hope there is school tomorrow."

I was ever so thankful to be dressing Warren in his costume this morning for his Halloween party at school.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

30th Birthday

So, my real birthday isn't until November 9th,
but the festivities are starting a little early around here.

Bryan gave me my birthday present yesterday

...drum roll please...

it is a new amazing telephoto lens for my camera!

What a lucky girl I am!

And tonight we are going to dinner at one of my favorite sea food restaurants downtown and then to a basketball game for the Denver Nuggets. Hopefully it doesn't snow too much to interfere with our plans! The schools are closed today for a snow day, but we should be able to get out in Bryan's enormous truck.

So, maybe turning 30 in 12 days won't be so bad afterall :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Addition and Subtraction

Being that Bryan and I are both Engineers (at least by education), we have a strong preference for math and science and for our boys to learn with an emphasis on these subjects.

So far, I am loving public school. But just in case, we are supplementing some things at home.

This is Warren's "Wallet of 3, 6, 9."
There are little flashcards ("money"), that either add or subtract guessed it 3, 6, or 9. He is in love with it and can already do most of the math involved, eagerly putting the money in the correct pouch. Thanks to my Aunt Shelli for giving us this great math workbook! It is a really good way to learn beginner math with flip books and wallets.

Jack has one too, and true to his personality, he takes all the flashcards and lines them up perfectly. He is SO cute!

Can you guess from this post what I got for my early birthday present? I am so excited about it...I'll share the answer tomorrow!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A walking cliche

It's official. I am the walking cliche of motherhood that I used to scoff at, back before I wiped drool off of babes' chins with my finger and onto my jeans without flinching.

Case in point. Last night I actually had the following thought:

Nolan is so beautiful. He is THE most beautiful and sweet baby in the entire world. I feel sorry for all the people that don't get to have Nolan as their baby.

Fortunately, I have Bryan to keep me grounded. When I shared the above sentiment with him, he just raised his eyebrows and laughed at me.


I know that I have the three most amazing kids to ever grace the planet.

All those other babies...yeah they're alright. Kinda cute.

But I wouldn't wipe their drool.

Any other walking cliches out there?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Could it be?

Is it possible that maybe I am not just the host to Bryan's DNA when it comes to our offspring?

Hmmm...I think Warren is looking more and more like his Mama as time goes by.

Here are a few pics from his field trip yesterday to the Arvada Center to see the play "Honk!". I got to help chaparone his class and it was so much fun.

Many thanks to my aunt Shelli for taking care of Nolan and Jack while I was gone!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't play with your food.

Sure, I've said those words multiple times since having kids.

But, when Jack walked into the office yesterday, that isn't even what came out of my mouth.

"Honey, what on Earth know what I don't even want to know, just please be careful not to take a bite of lego, okay?"

"Oh, and stand by the wall so I can take a picture of your apple."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sweet Spot

Three months old, and leaving most of the newborn-ness behind.

These things describe you at 3 months:

More controlled motions.
Rarely crying at all, you are not one to fuss.
Eye contact, giggles, belly laughs.
Reaching for things.
Grabbing fist fulls of Mama's hair.
Tummy time. Holding your own head up.
Sad faces with a big bottom lip when I walk away from you.
Spending time every morning with Daddy.
A tooth coming in already (bottom left). Lots of drool.
Wearing 6-9 months clothing (you are long). With lots of Baby Legs!
Rolling ("Rolly Noli") tummy to back and nearly back to tummy.
Mimicking sounds, I swear you say "hi" and "Mama".
Going on your first airplane ride to Kansas City.
Refusing to take a bottle of any kind (we've tried them ALL).
You stubbornly wait it out until I can nurse you.

Baby talk. Coos and gurgles and squeals.
Surviving your first time being carried up the stairs by Warren.
Mama almost had a heart attack when I saw you two.
Warren has vowed to not do that again,
even when he thinks you are bored and want to come upstairs
to the laundry room to see me.
Shoving your fist in your mouth.
You favor the left hand, we wonder if you'll be our first leftie.

Taking a shower every night with Daddy.
You love the shower so much, just like Warren and Jack did,
and still do.
Sleeping in bed still with Mama and Daddy.
I know I should transition you to your crib soon,
but you are like my little stuffed animal and, well,
I'm not sure how I'll sleep without you close by.
Interacting with your brothers.
Looking at this list, I have to laugh a little because it could very well describe
just about any baby out there.
But you're not just any baby, you're our baby.
Warren and Jack's little brother.
Our Noli-Canoli!
With bright blue eyes and such a sweet disposition.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morning Is:

VITAMINS. Fish oil, Iron and a Prenatal multi for me.

GRANOLA. I am NOT crunchy, but this stuff tastes good and is SO filling. Especially with a yogurt. Mmmm...

COFFEE and SUNLIGHT streaming through the window onto my favorite plant. Nolan is already cat-napping under his gym, still in his jammies.

DISHES to be unloaded. That is a chore that is done EVERY morning. Sometimes I do it without even realizing it.

BOYS getting into predicaments ALREADY. I caught them hiding out in the basement in an empty box in the storage area. Little rascals...

Looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day here so I am planning a lot of outside play time. Gonna bring the t-ball set outside and go for a long walk/bike ride too.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I've Been...

...painting even more walls in my house orange. One in the office and another upstairs too.

...mailing out Warren's school pictures. They came out cute! No retakes here. I was counting on doing retakes because he can do some interesting things when smiling for a forced picture.

{Warren, 5yrs}

...keeping my family schedule organized. Upcoming birthday parties, dog-neutering appointments, football games to attend, school field trips, etc. How on Earth does an unorganized person survive parenthood?

{Jack just back from his first field trip and first time on a school bus. He went to the pumpkin patch and Warren was so happy to greet him when he got off the bus}

...oogling over Nolan in his Baby Legs leg warmers. Paired with a onsie, they make for THE cutest outfit ever! And the backdrop of the handmade quilt Grandma Caryl made him doesn't hurt either. She amazes me with her craftiness and generosity pretty much every day.

{Nolan, 3 months. Okay, I admit, I even drove to a baby boutique today just to get two more pairs -- camouflage and flames! I am addicted!}

...power walking around my neighborhood in the evenings to get some extra exercise. The scale is moving, the scale is moving! Slow but steady! I'm back in the teens...ahhhh.

...gearing up for a three day weekend with all three boys -- and NO Daddy. Bryan is on a hunting trip for Elk somewhere at a cabin in the mountains. We started things off right by going to the IMAX theater to see Where the Wild Things Are this morning. It was SO good! The boys absolutely loved it, just like the book. They sat still the entire movie. Even Nolan seemed to enjoy the view from my lap. It gets three thumbs up from the Lawson Boys!

...rockin' these super cute earrings I got at the Plaza in KC. They are funky and fun, even with sweat pants :)

...soaking up the Autumn sunshine. This is my absolute favorite time of year.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vintage Posts -- Installment #8

Three In the Halibut Fishing capital of the world (Homer). It was June of 2005. I was pregnant with Jack, but that didn't stop me from barfing over the side of a boat...I mean fishing :)

{Our hotel. At the end of the spit in Homer}

{The marina. Too bad you can't "smell" a picture, but when I look at this I can remember the exact smell of the salty cold air with a hint of fileted fish}

{My favorite animal ever, the sea otter.}

{Open sea and Bryan's foot}

{We caught some of these fish, but not all}


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